Comment on today's Barbados government (found on FB)

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Comment on today's Barbados government (found on FB)

Unread post by bimjim » Thu Dec 15, 2016

Under the current DLP Democratic Labour Party mismanagement (apart from a national debt of $11 Billion which is growing by $1.5 Billion a year) with a (do-nothing) "lawyer" as Prime Minister and a (do-anything) "MBA" in the Cabinet, no less...

• We built multimillion high rise buildings in Warrens and yet continue to pay hundreds of millions in rent. At the same time scores of Government buildings sit empty.
• We were told that millions were there to fix the roads.
• We doubled Road Taxes but still have the worst roads.
• We introduced a Solid Waste Tax - which only some people paid - and then admitted something was wrong (but who ever got a refund?).
• We were promised more efficient Public Transportation.
• We were told that the millions were allocated to fix the roads.
• We had a 60% rate hike in Water Rates because we needed to replace the antiquated Water Mains.
• We replaced the whole vehicle fleet of the BWA, yet on a daily basis we can see the old BWA vehicles up and down the roads working privately.
• We were warned about the issues with the South Coast Sewage early this year. We have also been warned of problems with Bridgetown Sewage as well.
• We have built hundreds of Low Income Houses.
• We have leased out Prime Retail Space in a Housing Development for a price undisclosed.
• We continue to spend millions on government vehicles which can be seen on the roads daily.
• We don’t even know what is going on at NIS.
• We spent millions on celebrating INDEPENDENCE and everyday we open the Newspaper the first thing we notice is IMF.
• There seems to be uncontrolled lawlessness in the society.
• Every Department in Government seems to be in conflict.
• They promised to lower the cost of living.
• The last VAT increase was supposed to be for only a year and a half.
• They quietly removed certain items from the statistical "basket of goods" at the supermarket.

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