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Fly Montserrat Passes All Safety Recommendations

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Fly Montserrat Passes All Safety Recommendations

Unread post by bimjim » Mon Mar 25, 2013

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Fly Montserrat Passes All Safety Recommendations
Friday, 22 March 2013 14:50

The annual safety audit report on FlyMontserrat has been released showing the Airline passed all of the requirements without exception.

The Airline was visited two weeks ago by a Flight Operations Inspector from ASSI, its UK Civil Aviation Authority Regulator in the UK, and also by an independent auditor who was on island to test the flying ability of all its pilots.

The independent auditor carried out three days of flight examinations with all five pilots who had their licenses revalidated after the exercise.

The Airline’s Regulator was on island to carry out a full safety audit to check the Airline was complying with its regulations.

The audit covered inspections of Documents, Flights, Training, Ground Operations, Organisation and Safety Management.

The Regulator’s Report issued on the 18th March, states that “despite the considerable aviation management and pilot experience” of Captain Nigel Harris, “he had introduced new pilot training and quality staff to the workforce”.

A flight check conducted by the Regulator “revealed the high quality and experience of the pilot”. The Regulator’s Report states: “The training flight checks have proved to be an extremely worthwhile policy” adding that the auditor was “able to convey his experience and techniques to the pilots when operating into a difficult airport like Montserrat.”

The Report concludes: “It was evident that the Company was well prepared for inspection as there were no findings.”

This clean bill of health for FlyMontserrat comes as the Company carried its 30,000 passenger since it started operating almost four years ago.

The Company’s Managing Director, Nigel Harris, was pleased with the result: “This report shows that the Company has safety as its Number One priority and passengers should be reassured that the highest safety standards are being met”.

The Airline was delighted that the Governor, speaking at last week’s Airline Accident Investigation Branch workshop at the Cultural Centre, stated that the safety measures recommended for implementation at the John Osborne Airport in 2011 would be implemented.

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