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Roraima Airways conducts two medivac operations Sunday night

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Roraima Airways conducts two medivac operations Sunday night

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Roraima Airways conducts two medivac operations Sunday night
Mark Bradford
Monday, 22 April 2013

RORAIMA Airways Inc. conducted two medivac operations to two hinterland locations on Sunday night.

The first was to transport pregnant Nikita Thomas, who was experiencing medical complications in delivering her newborn and Clifton Jingory, who was suffering with prostate, from Matthews Ridge, North West District, to Georgetown.

The second was for the transportation of 26-year-old Wayne Thomas, who suffered laceration to the face after a tree fell injuring him at a mining location near Mahdia, Potaro.

The flights were done by the experienced Captain Alvin Clarke, accompanied by Army Pilot Captain Paul Dalgety, to Ogle Regional Airport shortly after 22:30hrs and Thomas was attended by a female nurse.

At Ogle Airport, Dalgety said the operations were smooth since all the factors were in their favour.
He explained that, on arriving at Mahdia Airstrip, the security services had mobilised vehicles to light the runway, making it easy to identify the landing area.

A Guyana Fire Service (GFS) tender was also leading the emergency exercise and the atmosphere was similar to that at an international airport night landing.

Private vehicles backed the sides of the runway with the fire tender parked at the end of it indicating the position where the plane must begin to land and the smooth landing and evacuation lasted less than half an hour.

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