LIAT Corporate Information

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LIAT Corporate Information

Unread post by bimjim » Tue May 17, 2011

[Updated 16jul2015]

Web sites

LIAT Passenger Service

LIAT Cargo Service

LIAT QuikPak Tracking

  • 1-888-844-LIAT (5428) From most destinations within the Caribbean Region.

    866 549-5428 Calling from Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands
    480 5582 for customers calling from Antigua
    Call Antigua 1-268-480-5601/2 from Other Countries

Please help us to assist you efficiently by including the following information in your email
  • 1. Name of passengers
    2. Nature of the problem/complaint
    3. Date of incident, flight information, Island where incident occurred
    4. Amount of expenditure, if any
    5. Mailing address
Please keep receipts for any expenditures and the Passenger Receipt from your ticket.
  • LIAT strives to recognize employees that go the extra mile. Let us know when an employee has delivered exceptional customer service.
  • At LIAT we place great importance on our customers. We constantly strive to deliver a superior product and service so that we remain your airline of choice. However, sometimes in our industry things may not go according to plan. Help us improve our airline by letting us know when we have not lived up to your expectations.
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Re: LIAT Corporate Information

Unread post by bimjim » Wed Aug 14, 2013

Facebook Group "Liat's Unsatisfied Customers"

Facebook Group "LIAT (the Regional Airline based in Antigua)"

Facebook Group "LIAT (1974) Limited"

Facebook Group "AboutLIAT"

Official, legal name
  • LIAT (1974) Limited
Used to be legal name (no longer legal name)
  • Leeward Islands Air Transport Limited
Other companies/organisations/items with same initials
  • Landscape Industries Association of Tasmania
    Logistics Indicators Assessment Tool
    Learning Inclusion Assessment Team
Made-up names (by passengers, detractors, etc) for airline
  • Leave Island(s) Any Time
    Luggage In Another Terminal
    Lost In Antigua's Terminal
    Living In Another Timezone
    Look Into Alternate Transportation
    Late If At Tall
    Laugh, It's All True
    Luggage Is Always Tardy
    Lost Inbetween Antigua & Trinidad
    Long Intervals Awaiting Transport
    Let It Arrive Today (PLEASE!!)
    Likely to Irritate Another Tourist
    Leaving Is Always Troublesome
    Lacking In Any Trust
    Lord, I Am Tired
    LIAT Is Always Trouble
    Lurching Into Another Type (of airplane)
    Living In Alternate Twilight (zone)
    Leeward Islands Air Tyranny

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