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LIAT cancels flights for second day as Irma gets closer

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LIAT cancels flights for second day as Irma gets closer

Unread post by bimjim » Wed Sep 06, 2017

http://wicnews.com/business/liat-cancel ... -03195308/

LIAT cancels flights for second day as Irma gets closer
Seb Kelly
5th September 2017

The development of Hurricane Irma has led to airline LIAT cancelling all of its flights for Tuesday. This follows a day of disruptions yesterday as the Caribbean region gears itself up to the effects of the extreme weather.

Hurricane warnings are currently in effect for Antigua, Barbuda, Anguilla, Montserrat, St Kitts and Nevis, among others. A tropical storm warning is in place for Dominica.

“LIAT wishes to advise passengers that due to the impending passage of Hurricane Irma that several destinations will be affected,” the regional carrier said in a statement. “The Miami-based National Hurricane Center has advised that Irma is expected to affect the north eastern Leeward Islands as a major hurricane.”

Which LIAT flights are affected?
  • LI773 from Antigua to Barbados
    LI381 from Antigua to Dominica
    LI381 from Dominica to Barbados
    LI521 from Tortola to St Kitts
    LI521 from St Kitts to Antigua
    LI521 from Antigua to Barbados
    LI362 from Barbados to Antigua
    LI310 from St Lucia to Antigua
    LI314 from Antigua to St Maarten
    LI314 from St Maarten to Tortola
    LI 315 from Tortola to St Maarten
    LI315 from St Maarten to St Kitts
    LI315 from St Kitts to Antigua
    LI560 from Barbados to Dominica
    LI560 from Dominica to San Juan, Puerto Rico
    LI561 from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Dominica
    LI567 from Dominica to Barbados
    LI364 from Barbados to Dominica
    LI364 from Dominica to Antigua
    LI312 from Antigua to St Kitts
    LI312 from St Kitts to St Maarten
    LI317 from St Maarten to Antigua
    LI321 from Antigua to Guadeloupe
    LI322 from Guadeloupe to Antigua
    LI508 from Antigua to St Kitts
    LI508 from St Kitts to St Maarten
    LI508 from St Maarten to Tortola
    LI509 from Tortola to Antigua
    LI524 from Barbados to Dominica
    LI524 from Dominica to Antigua
    LI512 from Barbados to Antigua
    LI512 from Antigua to St Kitts
    LI512 from St Kitts to Tortola
Passengers who have been affected will be able to rebook within the next two weeks (until 18 September). Those travel dates from 4-8 September will have change fees and fare differences waived. But passengers with travel dates from 9-11 will have the change fees waived but will have to pay any fare difference.

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