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[interCaribbean] Light at the end of the tunnel for InselAir

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[interCaribbean] Light at the end of the tunnel for InselAir

Unread post by bimjim » Thu Jan 17, 2019

https://www.curacaochronicle.com/post/m ... -inselair/

[interCaribbean] Light at the end of the tunnel for InselAir
Jan. 16, 2019


After months of an ordeal, there seems to be a small light at the end of a dark tunnel for the embattled aviation company InselAir. Everything indicates that there will be a good ending to this saga. interCaribbean has presented a bank guarantee letter to the judge and there is an agreement between them and the government about the 51%-49% participation in the local airline.

Yesterday was the deadline set by the court were the superintendent Rogier van den Heuvel had to present his report to judge Pieter de Kort. The superintendent had to inform the court on the progress of the negotiations with interCaribbean and the complying of the head of agreement with InselAir.

The superintendent did present his report and interCaribbean also presented its bank guarantee letter. Some adjustments had to be made but according to the superintendent, there were only minor details that interCaribbean had to take care of.

This is also the reason why the court did not give a final decision yesterday.

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