[ConViasa] Ghost flights: Drugs, terrorists and dirty money

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[ConViasa] Ghost flights: Drugs, terrorists and dirty money

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[ConViasa] Ghost flights: Drugs, terrorists and dirty money
March 27, 2015

FEW passengers have ever been able to get on board this top-secret flight route, and those who succeeded were not ordinary travellers. Instead, some shocking items ended up being transported on the Conviasa airlines route from Venezuela to Iran via Syria, Business Insider reports.

Created in 2007, the route was called “Aeroterror” by former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. That’s because drugs, terrorists, criminals wanted by Interpol and dirty money were piled inside the Airbus A340 flight VO-3006 (which flew from Caracas-Damascus-Tehran), according to Brazilian news website Veja.

High-level Venezuelan defectors allegedly confessed to the paper that the twice-weekly flight would carry the items in order to finance Iran’s activities in South America. It would also stopover in Damascus to pick up fake Venezuelan passports to hide the truth about the terrorists. Only officials given special clearance by the government were allowed on board.

This news doesn’t come out of the blue — similar claims were also made by US Government officials during a Senate testimony back in 2012. “The Venezuelan state-owned airline, Conviasa, operates regular service from Caracas to Damascus and Tehran — providing Iran, Hezbollah, and associated narco-traffickers a surreptitious means to move personnel, weapons, contraband and other matériel,” former Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere Roger Noriega said.

The sources chose to speak out to Veja now as details emerge about the mysterious death of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman in January. Nisman had spent a decade probing a terrorist attack in Buenos Aires in 1994 that killed 85 people, and planned to testify that Iran was to blame. He believed that the Argentine government had been protecting the terrorists.

He was also set to expose the broader truth about Iran’s terrorist organisations in Latin America, described as “an intricate network set up to export Iran’s Islamic Revolution to the west”, but he was found dead just hours before he was set to take the stand. Chavez and Ahmadinejad had also hoped to convince Argentina to help with Iran’s nuclear program.

The state of the route these days is not currently known.

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