[Cayman Airways] Flights are ALWAYS delayed

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[Cayman Airways] Flights are ALWAYS delayed

Unread post by bimjim » Sat Dec 02, 2017

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[Cayman Airways] Flights are ALWAYS delayed.
  • Customer service will not respond. Flight crew was great.
01 December, 2017

We were really excited to fly Cayman Airways and thought that it was going to be a very pleasant experience, boy were we wrong. While the free checked baggage is nice and the fruit punch is yummy, that is probably the only positive about this airline. Our first flight was delayed an hour, we are frequent travelers and understand delays happen so we were ok with an hour delay. While they stated the flight would be delayed one hour we actually didn't depart for 2.5 hours after our scheduled time. Again very annoying especially since we saw our plane sit at the gate for a full hour before any gate agents even arrived. Super weird, we just figured it wasn't a bigger airline so it has its hiccups I guess..

Where we were VERY disappointed in our experience with cayman airways was our flight back home. We arrive to the airport 2 hours before departure as recommended by the airline, we return our rental car, check in, get our boarding passes, go through security, get to our gate and start to wait. About a half hour later we are alerted that our flight has been delayed 6 HOURS! That is quite a delay. So we went out to the desk with some other passengers and asked to retrieve our luggage so we could at least change into some swimsuits and go to the beach rather than waiting in a crummy airport. They wouldn't return our luggage and wouldn't pay for any type of transportation to wait elsewhere. They gave us a 15 dollar food voucher (only after I told them it is customary to get a voucher for delays like this and would like one) which if you've been to the cayman islands will get you hardly anything, my husband and I had to share a tiny meal.

A few hours into our wait time they then delayed the flight another hour and by this time everyone was fuming. We went to the gate agent to ask the cause of the delay and he proceeded to tell us that it was because the storm last night.
A storm had rolled through from 5-10 the prior night and I guess it grounded a flight to NYC and they couldn't leave until it passed, which in turn made that flight not get to NYC until 5 am. Why this matters is because that plane was the one that was taking us back to Tampa so the crew, legally, has to wait 8 hours before they can fly. Again, I totally understand that and weather will cause crazy delays and don't have a problem with it BUT per Cayman Airways Customer Service plan they promise that if they know of a delay more than 3 hours before the flight departure they will give you prior notice to accommodate the inconvenience. That being said, they should have notified us the prior night of the delay since they knew that our flight was then going to be delayed. Why we were not notified of this is beyond me. We sat in an airport all day when we could have stayed at our resort, kept our rental car and spent a whole extra day exploring the island. I still cant understand why they had us go through the entire checkin and security process without saying a thing knowing full well that our flight was delayed.

I contacted customer service about this issue since the delay was not handled in the manner they promise on their website but alas, no response! What a surprise.

The flight crew itself was great, very friendly and I'm sure they were annoyed with the delay as well. Overall the airline needs to do some internal changes and figure out how to keep their customers informed, and up their customer service!

I DO NOT recommend you fly this airline if you want your flights to depart and arrive on time or even close to on time. We spoke to a handful of other people on the flight and they also had yet to fly with Cayman airways where a flight was on time. Highly recommend against this airline if at all possible.

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