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[Letter] Confusion with two baggage charges for CAL business class

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[Letter] Confusion with two baggage charges for CAL business class

Unread post by bimjim » Sat Nov 30, 2019

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[Letter] Confusion with two baggage charges for CAL business class
November 30, 2019

Dear Editor,

First of all, I wish to recognize the fact and be grateful to Caribbean Airlines by patting them on their shoulders for always being there for us. While this was not as a favour, it was good business.

Whenever there was a problem with other competing airlines, we were always taken advantage of by Caribbean Airlines. My contention here is not to go back in history, but to speak of now and in the future. I do not know if they are confused because of the competition that is coming to Guyana and they want to eke out of the Guyanese public, their lifeblood of money.

I was shocked to know that recently, a relative of mine was traveling in business class along with another relative and a child, only to learn that the travel agent itself – which is a famous one in Guyana – was in a kind of confusion and depression, where she and her travel agency could not give us proper answers. We are talking here of an experienced and dynamic travel agency, so they cannot say that the travel agency was incompetent. The confusion and depression of the travel agency was a result of the fact that out of the blue, Caribbean Airlines decided to have two kinds of charges for the same business class. One is where you are allowed three suitcases at fifty pounds each and the other is where you are allowed two suitcases at fifty pounds each. But, this change took place suddenly and caused much confusion at the last minute when the relative of mine was about to travel.

Caribbean Airlines, I am addressing you as an old friend! I have had very bad experiences with you, in which you used the change of name from BEE-WEE to Caribbean Airlines. And, you owe me for theft of my articles in my suitcase at the Piarco International Airport in Trinidad. Despite that, I still continue to travel with Caribbean Airlines.

One of the reasons for the success of Caribbean Airlines is the staff, particularly in the planes, who are always excellent in service. It is my view, that if it was not for these staff that take care of the traveling public in the airplanes, people would have probably preferred to swim, walk or take boats to get to their destinations while hurling abuses at this airline.

So Caribbean Airlines, wake up and smell that coffee! I wish to advise you, that the will of the people is the will of God and that competition is beckoning at your front door. Guyana has been a profitable travel link for you, a most profitable one. Show some gratefulness and win the hearts and minds of the traveling public.

An old adage in business is this: The customer does not need us, we, in Industries and Businesses need the customer. In other words, in case you still cannot understand this, Caribbean Airlines, it means that the customer is the most important person in your existence!

Yours faithfully,

Hajji Dr. Roshan Khan Snr.

RK’s Guyana Security Services

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