Bahamasair Has Resumed Flights To Haiti

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Bahamasair Has Resumed Flights To Haiti

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Bahamasair Has Resumed Flights To Haiti
November 19, 2021

With the end of the country’s state of emergency, Bahamasair has resumed flights to Haiti, said Press Secretary Clint Watson.

Mr Watson made the announcement at the Office of the Prime Minister’s press briefing on Wednesday.

He was asked if the travel ban on Haiti fell away once the state of emergency and emergency orders expired. Mr Watson was also asked if Bahamians and permanent residents can return to the country and if the government is playing a role in assisting them in getting back.

“They surely can return,” he answered. “I’m pleased to announce that Bahamasair had its first flight to Haiti (Tuesday).

“There will be two flights per week (on) Bahamasair. One to Cap-Haitien which was yesterday and the other to Port-au-Prince which will be on Saturday.”

He added there are also resumed flights to Cuba.

“. . .Persons who want to return home are urged to call Bahamasair and book their flights and come on home.”

Stephanie St-Fleur, president of Human Rights Bahamas, said the group is happy Bahamian citizens who were stuck in Haiti are able to return to The Bahamas and help feed their families.

“Many of them were breadwinners for their families and this caused them a lot of economic issues,” she said.

“It’s not a human rights issue, it’s a national issue in terms of how our citizens were stuck and not allowed home. Many Bahamians did reach out to us, some lost their jobs, others homes.

“We also reached out to the Bahamian Embassy in Haiti, made a few calls to foreign affairs, (I) can confirm some of the Bahamian nationals who personally reached out to me did make it home with the assistance of foreign affairs.”
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