Still no insurance payouts for VG, Anegada nearly 2 years after hurricanes

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Still no insurance payouts for VG, Anegada nearly 2 years after hurricanes

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Still no insurance payouts for VG, Anegada airports nearly 2 years after hurricanes
June 18, 2019

Nearly two years after the 2017 hurricanes and the BVI Airports Authority (BVIAA) has still not received an insurance payout for the damage to at least two of the territory’s airports.

While addressing the Standing Finance Committee (SFC) back in April, Director of Operations of the BVIAA Coy Levons said minor works were done to bring the Anegada and Virgin Gorda terminals “up to a minimal standard”.

Levons, whose account of the airports was published in the 2019 SFC report, further said the authority was unable to do any further works on the buildings because of the lack of funding.

The name of the insurance provider for the two airports was not disclosed in the report.

Meanwhile, SFC member and government legislator Shereen Flax-Charles had noted during the meeting that Rosewood Hotel had committed approximately $100,000 towards improving the Virgin Gorda Terminal and asked Levons how he would use those funds once received.

In response, Levons said it would be used to fix the Virgin Gorda-based facility’s air conditioning unit, conduct infrastructural work, pay for a proper roof for the building, and pay for work to be done to the parking lot of the airport.

No plans to extend Anegada Airport

In the meantime, Managing Director of the BVIAA Denniston Fraser said there were no current plans of extending the Anegada airport since the department had not sorted any approval or quote at the time of the SFC meeting in April.

The Terrance B Lettsome International Airport on Beef Island is the only airport of the three in the territory to receive major renovations following the 2017 natural disasters.

An estimated $5.52 million was approved by the former NDP administration to fully resurface of the runway.

The former administration had also submitted an application to the Town and Country Planning Department in January 2019 to move forward with plans to develop the international airport.

These plans included the expansion of the runway to accommodate larger aircraft and the expansion of the apron and terminal building, which is projected to cost roughly $250 million.

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