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[Trinidad, Piarco] Groups claim big success

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[Trinidad, Piarco] Groups claim big success

Unread post by bimjim » Tue Mar 10, 2015

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[Trinidad, Piarco] Groups claim big success
Protective officers stay home to rest and reflect
Alexander Bruzual
Mar 9, 2015

The heads of the various associations representing the protective services in this country have claimed an “unrelenting success” as officers stayed away from work in large numbers yesterday, to “rest and reflect” on the ongoing status of salary negotiations.

As much as 60 per cent of the workforce throughout the TT Fire Service (TTFS) and the TT Prisons Service stayed away from work, significantly hampering regular operations.

In fact, president of the TTFS Association, Leo Ramkissoon noted that at the Piarco Fire Station, where 30 officers usually report to work, only three showed up.

“This can lead to the safety of the Airport’s Authority being under serious threat. In fact with those numbers the Piarco Airport should have been downgraded and all flights should have been stopped. But operations went on like normal. Those in authority are not taking the situations seriously,” Ramkissoon said.

He noted that throughout the country, only 11 per cent of the normal assigned personnel came out to duty (43 officers out of the scheduled 364), and so far the actions are expected to continue into today.

“As of 6 p.m. the new watch was scheduled to come in but I’ve received information that in the Northern Division, that’s from Sangre Grande to Chaguaramas, that so far only 18 of the 150 fire officers have reported.

“That is the current situation. The frustration of the membership is materialising. They are aggrieved and disgruntled by the position of Chief Personnel Officer (Stephanie Lewis) and they are reiterating their position for the Prime Minister to intervene at this point.”

Ramkissoon noted from the information he was provided at the Chaguaramas Fire Station there were no supervisors and four fire officers; at the Four Roads Fire Station there were no supervisors and two fire officers; at the Woodbrook, Belmont and Morvant Fire Stations there were no supervisors and fire officers; at the San Juan Fire Station there was one supervisor and one fire officer; at the Santa Cruz Fire Station there was one supervisor and no fire officers; at the Tunapuna and Sangre Grande Fire Stations there were zero supervisors and fire officers; at the Wrightson Road Headquarters there were three supervisors and five fire officers; and at the Arima Fire Station there was one supervisor and six fire officers.

The Prisons Association also recorded a significant absenteeism of its work-force.

The association president, Ceron Richard, said over 60 per cent of officers stayed away from duty, hampering operations throughout the courts in the country.

“Our operations were significantly affected. When you look at the women’s prison which has 18 persons in their staff, 14 did not report to duty. At the Golden Grove Prison over 50 persons stayed away. At the Remand Yard, over 77 persons stayed away. At Maximum Security it was over 100, and at the Port of Spain Prison it was also over 100.

“So our membership has showed their hand and this plan is expected to continue tomorrow. Our officers are not prepared to accept the CPO’s offer and are taking matters into their own hands,” Richards said.

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