Vuela Receives AOC as a Costa Rican Airline

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Vuela Receives AOC as a Costa Rican Airline

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Vuela Receives Air Operator Certificate as a Costa Rican Airline
Subsidiary of Volaris, Receives Air Operator Certificate as a Costa Rican Airline
Laura Alvarado
November 11, 2016


Volaris, the ultra-low-cost carrier serving Mexico, the United States and Central America, informs that today its subsidiary Vuela Aviación S.A. (Volaris Costa Rica), received its air operator certificate from the Costa Rican Civil Aeronautic Authority to start providing commercial air transportation services.

With the launch of this new airline, Volaris strengthens and takes a step further in the consolidation of its international expansion strategy; by adding Central American destinations to its expansion plan in Mexico, from Mexico to the USA and to and from this new region.

Enrique Beltranena, Volaris’ CEO and board member, highlighted today that Costa Rican authorities granted the air operator certificate so that Vuela Aviación S.A. can operate to and from Costa Rica, effective immediately.

The CEO stated that this new Costa Rican airline will commercially operate starting December 1st, 2016. “This news means a lot to us at Volaris, because it represents the opportunity to grow and expand to other markets, being able to connect Central America.”

On his behalf, Fernando Naranjo, CEO of Volaris Costa Rica, noted that in the first three years, Volaris Costa Rica plans to operate between 18-22 air crafts. “Our goal for the first year is to operate within Central America, beginning with the San Jose, Costa Rica to Guatemala route. With the launch of this airline, we’ll be able to offer more and better services in the country and in the whole region.”

One of Volaris’ most important pillars is point-to-point connectivity, which is achieved by offering its customers the best options of direct flights, without connections, with practical routes, whatever their travel purposes may be, with “get out of town prices”.

Currently Volaris operates in Central America and the Caribbean routes that connect Mexico to Costa Rica, Guatemala and Puerto Rico, having transported more than 150,000 passengers. With the introduction of this new airline, Volaris will be able to increase its flight offerings, together with low base fares and the possibility of paying only for the additional services upon the customer’s requests, becoming the best option to travel.

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