[Bermuda, Rubis] Fuel spill in St George’s

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[Bermuda, Rubis] Fuel spill in St George’s

Unread post by bimjim » Wed Mar 29, 2017

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[Bermuda, Rubis] Fuel spill in St George’s
Mar 28, 2017

Rubis workers are dealing with a fuel tank breach at their storage facility in St George’s. Yesterday afternoon a spokeswoman for the Ministry of the Environment said that a pollution control team had also been dispatched to the scene.

“Rubis employees have been trained in how to deal with such an emergency and are already working on containment, in conjunction with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources pollution control team,” the spokeswoman said. “The Environmental Health team is assisting with the situation.”

MP for St. George’s West, Nandi Outerbridge reassured constituents this evening that the spill was being contained and monitored closely and she would keep affected residents informed.

Ms Outerbridge, the Minister for Social Development and Sport, said: “As the representative in Parliament for St. George’s West where this fuel spill occurred, I immediately sought information from the Minister of the Environment as to what steps were being taken to ensure public safety and that all measures were in place to contain the spill.

“I can assure my constituents that the Department of Environmental Health is working with RUBIS to contain the spill and work on cleaning the affected area. I will also be sure to keep residents informed as this situation develops.”

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