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Air Century announces schedule to Caribbean destinations

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Web site: https://www.aircentury.com/
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Air Century announces schedule to Caribbean destinations

Unread post by bimjim » Fri Nov 02, 2018

https://www.aircentury.com/en/2018/10/1 ... schedules/

Air Century announces schedule to Caribbean destinations

Air Century, industry airline leader in regular flights to the Caribbean from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, announced important changes to their schedules to improve flight connections for their passengers to the different destinations offered in the Caribbean.

“With the expansion of our operations to new destinations in the Caribbean, we’ve created 4 groups of flights a day allowing our passengers to make easy connections by strengthening the center of operations of our airline from the conveniently located La Isabela, Dr. Joaquín Balaguer International Airport.” Expressed Arantxa Chahin, marketing manager of the airline.
Passengers will be able to connect from Santo Domingo, with short and convenient intervals their flights to Puerto Rico, Haiti, St. Marteen, Aruba and Curaçao, allowing for easier commercial and business relations between the different islands which the airline serves.

The new schedules, starting November 12th are the following:

Puerto Rico
Santo Domingo-San Juan: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: 5PM / Friday: 11AM
San Juan-Santo Domingo: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 7AM / Friday: 7AM and 1:55PM

Santo Domingo-Curaçao: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday: 9AM
Curaçao-Santo Domingo: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday: 11AM

Santo Domingo-Aruba: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday: 11AM
Aruba-Santo Domingo: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday: 1:50PM

Santo Domingo-Haiti: Monday – Friday: 7:45AM
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday: 4:45PM

Haiti-Santo Domingo: Monday – Friday: 9:15AM 8AM / Saturday: 10:15AM
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday: 6:15PM

St. Marteen
Santo Domingo-St. Maarten: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday: 1PM
St. Maarten-Santo Domingo: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday: 3PM

The airline requests to all passengers that have acquired tickets to be used after November 12th to call our customer service center at o write to bookings@aircentury.com to make the necessary adjustments. To those who have bought tickets via travel agencies please get in contact with your travel agent.

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Re: Air Century announces schedule to Caribbean destinations

Unread post by bimjim » Sun Nov 04, 2018

Air Century another Caribbean regional airline adding regional jet, joining inter-Caribbean (Turks & Caicos), Aruba Airlines and Western Air (Bahamas)
Tomas Chlumecky "Aviation Doctor"
Aviation Adviser: Business Development to Turnarounds Available for Global Assignments
November 4, 2018

Air Century of the Dominican Republic is the latest local Caribbean airline to add 50-seat regional jets to its fleet, something that till now, only Aruba Airlines has done with its sole CRJ-200 (with one more to come).

Then there is Western Air in the Bahamas which plans to have 3 x ERJ-145's in service in 2019 for mainly charters first joining its 5 x Saab 340's on scheduled services later.

Then there is inter-Caribbean Airlines of the Turks & Caicos with 2 x ERJ-145's coming to join its fleet of 8 x EMB-120 Brasilia's. No one has run the small regional jets in the region, its been turboprop country and longer flights have been done by A320 or B737's with much lower CASK and thus lower yields.

I will watch with interest how the regional jets work, the stage length will be interesting, as they cannot compete on short hops head to head with similar sized turboprops (ATR-42/72-600's) of LIAT, Bahamasair, Caribbean Airlines and soon Silver Air.

You need the right routes for regional jets, good stage length, say at least 275 nm and a good yield that will cover the higher CASK of $US +0.141 (CASM of $US +0.226) in the region, where you have to deal with expensive fuel, airport fees, and taxes, which in some cases exceed 50% of an airline ticket at LIAT.

It is true that the last say 9 years have seen many 37 to 50 seat regional jets (CRJ-100/200 and ERJ -135/145's) put out to pasture in deserts around the world, their lease rates are down, some from ridiculously high $170,000 per month down to current levels approaching $40,000 per month, a huge difference.

Add in lower fuel prices the last 2 years, now going up, and many aircraft dismantled for cheap spare parts, and no wonder even some US Majors are bringing them back, the business case has changes, though increasing fuel prices are its "Achilles heel" proportionally a higher cost than larger RJ's or single aisle airliners.

Without a full analysis and based on past experience you are looking at an aircraft with total operating costs of around $US 4,675 per flight hour (varies with fuel price, utilization, operating and business model).

So, on a flight of say 508 Km (275 nm or 316.25 sm) you have a flight time of say 46 min, and a cost of $3,586 ($71.72 per seat), which equates to a CASK of $US 0.141, CASM of $US 0.226 as per above.

If you are looking for a breakeven load factor of say 60% (30 pax/flight), you will need a average net fare of $119.53 which equates to a breakeven, a yield of $0.235/RPK is needed to breakeven with a PRASM of $US 0.141 at a 60% load factor.

In the end the airline business is about keeping PRASK (load factor x yield) > CASK, keep this in favor of the PRASK vs CASK and you are doing well.

In US terms, your need a yield of $US 0.377/RPM is needed to breakeven with a PRASM of $US 0.226 at a 60% load factor. These yields calculated int he above example are 120% to 173% higher than average passenger yields of US major airlines today. That is the challenge with the small 50 seat regional jets (even the 70-100 seaters) you need a much higher yield (fare) to justify the service as you have less seats to spread out the costs.

Is the Caribbean region able to pay such yields? Well, on business routes yes, but leisure no, and we shall see how attractive the regional jet will be,

In the 3Q/2018 DAL had yield at $0.1705/PRM, UA was at $0.1396/PRM, SW at $0.1388/PRM.

Hey, I wish them all much success, regional jets can kill your business if you are not careful, pick the right right routes by traffic, ideally new routes with little to no competition, good stage length (300 nm to 900 nm) and stay away from any direct competition with narrowbody A320/B737's they will kill you in the end with their lower unit costs (CASK).

Regional jets need a premium yield, only need +/- 35 passengers to make money the bigger aircraft need +80 passenger to breakeven, that is an opening for a small jet on any route.

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