Widow of Fly Montserrat crashed pilot could sue operator

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Widow of Fly Montserrat crashed pilot could sue operator

Unread post by bimjim » Tue Sep 02, 2014

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Widow of Fly Montserrat crashed pilot could sue operator
September 1, 2014

The operator of Fly Montserrat, Nigel Harris may soon face a claim for corporate manslaughter in the death of Captain Jason Forbes, the pilot killed when the company’s plane crashed at VC Bird International Airport in 2012.

Captain Forbes’ widow, Florisca Forbes is contemplating legal action to hold the company accountable for the death.

The claim suggests that serious management failings led to the tragedy.

Forbes told OBSERVER media, “What has me concerned is the approach Nigel (Harris) has taken with me – his lawyers too... I took a letter to the DPP here in Antigua and I sent one to Montserrat to look into the case and if required I’ll charge Nigel for corporate manslaughter because I don’t see nowhere else to go, I’m not getting justice for what is happening.”

Forbes said since her husband’s death, that also killed two passengers, she has not heard from the company for which he worked and for whom he was flying when he died. She said she only received his pay for the month in which he died.

“I’m not hearing anything... nobody has not said anything to me. Since that crash I haven’t heard from Nigel Harris, he hasn’t called me or written to me or my mother-in-law, not even a letter. I am aggrieved, I’m upset. The baby is one now and by biggest son is six now. My children are fatherless,” Forbes said.

At the time of the tragedy, Forbes was three months pregnant with her second child, the older son was four years old then.

Apart from not hearing from Fly Montserrat, Forbes said she wrote to the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) seeking an update on the cause of the crash, but never got a response.

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