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ASL hosts orientation session for students

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ASL hosts orientation session for students

Unread post by bimjim » Sat Dec 12, 2015

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ASL hosts orientation session for students
December 12, 2015

The Air Services Limited Aeronautical Engineering School (ASLAES) in collaboration with Caribbean Airlines Limited, on Thursday hosted an orientation session for now second-year students at the ASLAES.
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    Some of the students examining a turbine engine on a Caribbean Airlines aircraft.
The orientation was an effort to acquaint the students with internal workings of the international airplanes and by extension, develop and sustain the aviation industry within Guyana and the world.

The students gained firsthand experience of maintenance and regulatory checks in an effort to familiarize them with the necessary protocol. They also gained an opportunity to inspect a general electrical system, which was listed by Denis Ganesh, as a “rare opportunity,” as Guyana does not have the same internal systems.

Ganesh finished his three-year programme in 2009, and stated that while it can be challenging at times with the amount of studying one has to do to become an aeronautical pilot, one needs to keep focused and “push your hours as nothing good comes easy.”

The second-year batch of engineers which consists of six males was reported to have all been employees of ASL before they were selected to take part in the programme. Classes for the new set of students to enter the programme will begin in January 2016, and will most likely consist of approximately eight students. ASL official, Annette Arjoon stated that they like to keep the classes small so that students can be given individual attention so as to ensure maximum retention of information.

Aside from engineering however, it was reported that several of the engineers have already begun pursuing their pilot’s licence. “The industry,” said Arjoon, “is getting dynamic in so many aspects,” as what the country will be producing is a set of highly sought after qualified engineers who can double as pilots.
While the three-year programme is a bit costly as it amounts to $2.4 million, ASL officials reported that financing can be applied for through the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry. Also, payments can be made in several installments.

It was reported that before 1998, engineering teams were made up mostly of Trinidadians, but this has dramatically changed over the years as Guyana’s continuous provision of skilled pilots has been on the increase since ’98.

The ASLAES was approved by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority on October 15, 2015. A complete programme of theoretical and practical training is given to meet the requirements of the GCAA and obtain a LWTR licence. All the licences are said to be ICAO recognized.

The Maintenance Department is an independent organization approved by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) to perform maintenance, preventative maintenance and modification of aircraft and aeronautical products as described in Air Services Limited’s Maintenance Procedure Manual (MPM), and the relevant parts of the Guyana Civil Aviation Requirements.

Its mission is “to contribute to the stability and sustainability of ASL and the wider Aviation Industry by the Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Personnel we produce.”

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