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[Guyana] ASL launches Engineering School

Located at Ogle Airport, Guyana
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[Guyana] ASL launches Engineering School

Unread post by bimjim » Sat Dec 12, 2015

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[Guyana] ASL launches Engineering School
December 12, 2015

The new students of the recently established Aeronautical Engineering School pose with officials of ASL and CAL at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) on Thursday

Air Services Limited (ASL) on Thursday introduced its first batch of engineering trainees, as the air service provider announced the launch of its Aeronautical Engineering School.

Six employees of domestic air carrier were selected earlier this year to be the first batch of engineering students of the Aeronautical engineering school at the ASL hanger at Ogle International Airport (OAI).

They include Jerick Austin, Surrendra Udiaram, Abdul Khan and Sherwin King.

The students, who began training and studies since last year, began the official round of the programme in October, when the school received its certification from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

As part of their training, which has already closed for the year, the students on Thursday flew from the OIA to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), to meet with engineers of Caribbean Airlines (CAL), where they were given practical experiences into the operations of major aircraft.

ASL’s manager Annette Arjune-Martins spoke to the media at CJIA, explaining that the training is well rounded with both theoretical and practical instructions, noting that students are even allowed the scope to move on to becoming engineering pilots.

According to ASL, in keeping with its corporate social responsibility, Caribbean Airlines facilitated the large pressurized aircraft familiarization training programme.

The air service provider said since 2003, it has been actively engaged in the development of its maintenance and engineering personnel through a wide array of training initiatives.

It said students joining the new programme will have an opportunity to obtain the required basic theoretical knowledge while building professional capacity and hands-on experience on the most diverse fleet of fixed and rotor wing aircraft.

Since 2008, according to ASL, CAL has been collaborating with the local aviation sector by lending support to train young aspiring Aircraft Maintenance Engineers via its Internship (Work study) Programme.

This programme, it said, has seen the development of many young Guyanese looking to establish a career in the industry. Out of this synergy, students of the local engineering school have moved unto other related aviation agencies across the globe while others are being utilised by Caribbean Airlines and the local aviation industry.

The air service provider said the young trainees under its wing have so far been able to hone their skills by acclimatising themselves with the rigors of Line Maintenance in Guyana and the intricacies of Base-Maintenance which will be done in neighbouring Trinidad. They will be able to also obtain their Trinidadian and Guyanese Maintenance Engineer’s Licence along with a wide array of systems knowledge on large pressurized airplanes such as the B737-800, B767-300, and ATR 72-600; none of which exists on the Guyana aircraft registry.

Speaking on the collaboration with CAL, ASL said the international air service carrier invested a considerable amount of resources into developing a self-sufficient Guyanese Maintenance and Engineering Team.

“Continuing on the road of fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, CAL is now collaborating with the recently approved Air Services Limited Aeronautical Engineering School to facilitate a “Large Pressurized Aircraft Familiarization Training Programme” which consists of the following components: Ramp Safety awareness around a large aircraft; Airframe and Engine systems found on large airplanes”.

It said the essence of the programme is to enhance understanding and assimilation of the structural makeup and systems that are commonly found on such an aircraft.

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