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[Guyana] Easy Sky under close watch for overweight

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[Guyana] Easy Sky under close watch for overweight

Unread post by bimjim » Thu May 18, 2017

https://guyanachronicle.com/2017/05/16/ ... overweight

[Guyana] Easy Sky under close watch for overweight
May 16, 2017

AS THE authorities monitor the operations of Honduran airline, Easy Sky, steps have been taken to ensure the weight limits of the overhead compartment of the airline’s aircraft are not exceeded.

The airline, which was grounded by the GCAA last month, was given temporary permission by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) until June 30th, to operate here following which a decision will be made regarding its operations in this country. In the meantime, the airline was instructed not to make any passenger bookings beyond that date.

According to airport sources, it was discovered during the month of April that the airline may have been breaching aviation regulations by packing extra weight on its Boeing 737 aircraft. During inspections by aviation officials, it was discovered that the overhead compartment of the aircraft, which is reserved for carry-on luggage and personal items, was being packed with cargo.

Persons on the airside of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) noted that the airline’s aircraft was utilising the entire length of the main runway during take-off. Most transnational airlines implement restrictions regarding carry-on and checked baggage.

While preparing for departure, in most instances, the passenger is expected to pay a fee if airline staff determines baggage as checked rather than carry-on. CJIA officials also discovered that passengers onboard Easy Sky’s flights were carrying extra luggage in the space between the seats of the aircraft, another breach of the civil aviation regulations.

The airline’s passengers, mainly Cubans, were stranded at the CJIA late last month for several days after the GCAA grounded the carrier over safety concerns. Safety deficiencies on the aircraft were detected following an inspection by the GCAA on April 21. The immediate suspension was a necessity in the interest of public safety, the aviation body stated.

There has been an influx of Cubans visiting these shores. Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge, noted last December that the presence of foreigners, who travel here particularly to shop, demonstrates a “closer cooperation” between Guyana and the Spanish-speaking island.

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