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PAWA to collaborate with Liat and Winair

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PAWA to collaborate with Liat and Winair

Unread post by bimjim » Sat Aug 13, 2016

http://antiguaobserver.com/pawa-to-coll ... nd-winair/

PAWA to collaborate with Liat and Winair
Kieron Murdoch
August 13, 2016

Regional air carriers Liat and Winair have been called to the table by the Chairman of Pan Am World Airways Dominicana (PAWA Dominicana), Luis David Ramirez who proposes that they co-operate to “feed” each other’s routes.

The PAWA Dominicano chairman has also indicated that the airline, which has operated in Antigua & Barbuda for a year, will not compete directly with the government-owned LIAT.

“This is our idea of our operation – we do not compete against anybody. We come to the market, we offer a product and we want to work with everybody. We will work on setting up inter-airline agreements so that they can feed our routes and feed our hub.

“We are actually already having conversations with LIAT [and] Winair to setup those agreements, to have them act as feeders mutually feeding each other,” he said.

PAWA Dominicano, headquartered in the Dominican Republic (which receives the most tourists of any Caribbean country), is the international flag carrier of that country and operates widely across the region.

He admitted that there may be some “side effects”.

“We have a product, and sometimes our product just let’s people know that their product is not as good as ours and people start preferring our product,” he said, adding “We do not compete on price and we’re not starting any type of price war. We are competing with the quality of our product.”

The “quality” of PAWA Dominicano’s airline service includes their commitment to timely flights. The chairman added that over the year of operation in Antigua & Barbuda, the airline has never cancelled a flight.

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