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Avior suspends operations between Curaçao and Caracas

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Avior suspends operations between Curaçao and Caracas

Unread post by bimjim » Tue Aug 02, 2016

http://curacaochronicle.com/aviation/av ... d-caracas/

Avior suspends operations between Curaçao and Caracas
  • Flights between the island, Valencia and Maracaibo will continue
Mon, Aug 1st, 2016


The Venezuelan aviation company Avior suspends its operations between Curaçao and Caracas starting today August 1. The airline also announces that it will continue its operations between Valencia, Maracaibo and Curaçao. This announcement has generated questions and speculations on the real reason behind the decision of the airline to suspend its flights from and to the Venezuelan capital.

The airline was not available for comment. It’s the same Avior that complaint about the treatment Venezuelans receive when they arrive here at the Curaçao airport. The immigration authorities on the island obligate the pilots to wait to take back Venezuelans who were denied entry. There was even a time when immigration denied entry to more than 50 Venezuelans.

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