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Bahamas ATC Union statement on outstanding holiday pay

Bahamas Air Traffic Controllers’ Union
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Bahamas ATC Union statement on outstanding holiday pay

Unread post by bimjim » Tue Mar 24, 2015

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Bahamas Air Traffic Controllers Union statement on outstanding holiday pay
Department of Civil Aviation
Mar 23, 2015

The public is informed that the Department of Civil Aviation finds it necessary to respond to a press release issued by the Bahamas Air Traffic Controllers Union (BATCU) on Friday, 20st March, 2015, regarding the issue of payment for services provided on public holidays by air traffic controllers.

In the release, it is alleged by BATCU that air traffic controllers are being discriminated against, due to the fact that they have not been paid for days worked on holidays, and the claim has been made that the rights of controllers are being violated by the Bahamas Government.

The Department of Civil Aviation wishes to dispel the impression given that there has been a deliberate attempt not to pay air traffic controllers for their work on public holidays, and Union officials are aware that payments are in fact being processed to facilitate those payments, as per an agreement reached with the BATCU on December 24th, 2014.

Prior to that December meeting, the practice was to award members of the Bargaining Unit ten days Public Holiday leave at the beginning of each year. Additionally, persons who worked on any holiday were granted an additional day’s leave, along with a day’s pay, which in fact amounted to three days in total for the one day worked on a holiday.

It is a matter of regret that the Department has also received information suggesting that the Union is proposing to bring stoppage to air traffic services on the said premise of non-payment of holiday pay. As indicated, such action is not justified and will cause severe economic hardship to the country at a time when every effort is being made to rebuild the national economy.

The Union is advised that while negotiations are proceeding in good faith for a new Industrial Agreement, it is important to exercise goodwill, and for both sides to work together collectively in the interest of the country.

The Department of Civil Aviation also wishes to point out that in addition to the holiday payments now being processed, the members of BATCU have received substantial retroactive payments for shift premium and training allowances, and a further tranche of retroactive payments is now being reviewed for payment.

Additionally, the public is also informed that a 2014 Addendum to the 2003 – 2008 Bahamas Air Traffic Controllers Industrial Agreement resulted in the payment of lump sum amounts ranging from $4,000 - $8,500 to each member of the Bargaining Unit.

The Department of Civil Aviation is therefore of the view that both the Department and the Government of The Bahamas has, and is continuing to exercise good faith with the BATCU, and calls on the Union to exercise greater discretion in its public pronouncements. The public is informed that the holiday pay amounts will be made in short order.

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