Bahamasair, Air Caraibes sign inter-airline e-ticketing

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Bahamasair, Air Caraibes sign inter-airline e-ticketing

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Bahamasair, Air Caraibes sign inter-airline e-ticketing agreement
Chester Robards
April 11, 2018

Bahamasair and Air Caraibes have entered into an inter-airline e-ticketing agreement that will allow French and European visitors to book one ticket to fly through San Salvador to New Providence. Ministry of Tourism Area Manager for France Karin Mallet Gautier explained yesterday, during the announcement of the agreement at Atlantis, that the European market’s appetite for The Bahamas has been growing, noting that the French specifically have become a large growth market for The Bahamas.

“The French market is the first of continental Europe, after the United Kingdom, for The Bahamas and we are increasing year after year,” said Gautier. “Our target is to attract airlines to directly serve The Bahamas, and this way enables the French to discover our beautiful archipelago.” She said the e-ticketing agreement began late last month and will allow the French and Europeans in general to book flights directly to San Salvador with an option to continue on to New Providence.

It is hoped that this agreement will help to get visitors from France and Europe to plan trips to more islands of The Bahamas once they arrive at San Salvador and New Providence.

Air Caraibes’ Sales and Group Development Manager Francois Bonnet explained that the airline has brought more than 15,000 passengers to The Bahamas since it began its route two years ago. Bonnet said he hopes the new agreement will entice more Europeans to visit “your island and all the islands of The Bahamas”. He said many of Air Caraibes’ passengers are Club Med customers, adding that the agreement will allow more tour operators interested in selling The Bahamas as a whole to do so more easily. The airline brought 10 French tour operator specialists to attend the announcement of the partnership. “There is a big demand to discover the islands of The Bahamas,” he said.

Bahamasair Managing Director Tracy Cooper said Bahamasair had to make certain adjustments to its San Salvador flight in order to accommodate the Air Caraibes flight, but sees the partnership as an important one for The Bahamas. “We’re quite happy to be part of this arrangement with Air Caraibes,” he said. “What is so important with this is as they bring airlift into San Salvador, Bahamasair has the ability to then diversify into all of the other islands.”

Cooper added that with the size of the Airbus jet coming into San Salvador, the island may not be able to sustain that amount of people. He said Bahamasair will be able to distribute the Air Caraibes’ passengers throughout The Bahamas.

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