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[Guyana] Dynamic Airways ‘winds down’ operations

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[Guyana] Dynamic Airways ‘winds down’ operations

Unread post by bimjim » Sun Oct 01, 2017

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[Guyana] Dynamic Airways ‘winds down’ operations
Oct 01, 2017

The Dynamic Airways flight has confirmed that services offered will cease leaving close to 200 unemployed. This was confirmed by a local travel agent yesterday.

A local travel agent confirmed yesterday that the flight is expected to transport its last batch of passengers today.

This resulted in travel agents have halting the sale of tickets for the flight. A representative of the agent said that the airline has made the declaration on last Thursday last that the sale of tickets are to cease.

While services provided have officially come to a close by the aircraft, they are offering refunds to persons who have booked flights for October and the following months.

The agent informed that persons who have already purchased tickets will be refunded.

Those who are in foreign countries and had return tickets are encouraged to fly on another aircraft and expect to be reimbursed upon their return to the agent where they would have made the purchase.

Captain Gerry Gouveia on his Facebook page last week even hinted this reality through his posts.

The ‘pull out’ has since affected the airfares of the two remaining flights to escalate from around US$900 to US$1400.

This has also impacted the population of staff employed under its management from around 192 to 132 recently.

On Gouveia’s Facebook page he quoted, “I am so sorry to see Dynamic Go! It’s unfortunate but it’s totally out of Roraima Control. Dynamic is required by law to refund the passengers that are holding tickets. Passengers affected should contact their travel agents.”

He further said, “I would like to say thank you to the persons who stood by us. Thank you for the encouragement and support over the past four years.”

Gouveia said that while seeing young people go without a job is disheartening “we at Roraima will work hard every day to contribute to making Guyana a better place.”

Late last month, flights were reportedly decreased from five weekly to two.

The North-Carolina based carrier, Dynamic Airways transported at least 80,000 passengers to and from Guyana.

It suspended flights to Asia after an engine problem was encountered. In pursuing its new ACMI and charter strategy, Dynamic has secured a contract with Swift Travel Services to operate a regular service between Port au Prince and Santiago de Chile International until the end of March 2018.

A second contract, which is not yet finalized, will see Dynamic flying Miami International to Havana International seven times weekly and Miami to Santa Clara de Cuba six times weekly.

This contract will accommodate an additional eight pilots and 22 flight attendants.

The step of declining from air travel services was taken by the authorities of Dynamic Airways after they would have been sued by several passengers due to their ‘inhumane experiences’.

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