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Mechanical problems delay Dynamic Airways, Fly Jamaica

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Mechanical problems delay Dynamic Airways, Fly Jamaica

Unread post by bimjim » Sat Aug 05, 2017

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Mechanical problems result in delayed Dynamic Airways, Fly Jamaica flights
Aug 05, 2017

Passengers who were stranded because of the cancellation of Dynamic Airways flights were expected to reach their destinations between last night and this morning.

This is according to airline representative, Captain Gerald Gouveia. Although apologetic for the undesirable state of affairs, Gouveia said that the airline was not prepared to compromise safety for an early departure.
Gouveia in an invited comment to this publication revealed that flights from New York to Guyana and Guyana to New York were cancelled because of mechanical problems. Having been cleared of all mechanical issues, Gouveia said that the flights were rescheduled for last night and this morning.

The Dynamic aircraft, which was booked to capacity from both destinations, was grounded at the John F. Kennedy [JFK] airport for more than 24 hours.

But according to Gouveia, the problem that airlines operating out of the JFK airport are faced with is that “once you miss your departure slot, you have to wait until it comes around again. Although the plane was fixed ever since, we have to wait for another slot,” Gouveia explained last night.

But according to Gouveia, the situation should not have seen passengers being stranded, since the airline had known ahead of time that the aircraft was grounded and so informed its customers.

“If people know that they are not to go to the airport because we gave them early notice, they should not have been at the airport waiting,” Gouveia stressed. He however noted that while the situation is one that does not warrant compensation, persons who feel that they have a case for compensation can plead their case by contacting the Dynamic Airline office. Once concerns are raised, Gouveia said that “Dynamic will then respond to particular claims.” He, however, reiterated that “this was just a 24-hour delay.”

The delay, he noted, was imperative, because the airline was keen on ensuring its passengers’ safety.

“Passengers’ safety is first and foremost our priority. While we appreciate and understand people want to get home to Guyana or want to get back to New York [or vice versa], safety is always the number one priority, so we had to wait to get the aircraft maintenance cleared. We apologise, but this was a safety issue and we will never compromise safety,” Gouveia emphasised.

According to Gouveia, for this year alone Dynamic Airways has operated about 200 flights.

“We were running maybe 96 percent departure and then this issue came up… One day it’s our turn, Fly Jamaica is next, and then the next day it’s LIAT… so we work hard, hard to overcome these issues, but it is a real challenge,” said Gouveia.

Also faced with departure challenges for several hours, reportedly due to mechanical problems too, was Fly Jamaica.

This publication understands that the airline had an almost 15-hour delay. Attempts to contact Fly Jamaica officials for a comment were futile, but this publication was reliably informed that the airline had returned to near normal operation yesterday.

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