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[Guyana] Insel Air talks up service as launch date nears

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[Guyana] Insel Air talks up service as launch date nears

Unread post by bimjim » Thu May 15, 2014


[Guyana] Insel Air talks up service as launch date nears
‒ gives away free flights as part of introduction
May 14, 2014

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    Insel Air CEO Fredericks Noboer addressing the gathering
At a reception held to educate passengers more on Insel Air, three persons were the lucky recipients of free round trip flights to three different destinations as the airline continues to market its services before commencing operations here.

The reception was held at the Roraima Duke Lodge on Wednesday evening to allow the Chief Executive Officer of Insel Air, Fredericks Noboer, and his marketing team to meet with stakeholders in the travel industry.

Nuboer said he is enthusiastic about commencing operations here and thanked Roraima Airways, who has been a strategic partner in the airline coming here.

He noted that Insel Air will be bring pre-clearance in Aruba for those travelling to the US and opening a variety of airline options to choose from that are operating out of Aruba going to Toronto and Europe, among several other destinations.

“This is the opportunity in connecting Guyana with all of the airlines that arrive in Aruba… and now that we are connecting Aruba to Guyana, I have to go back and tell the Minister of Tourism watch out because maybe people will connect to Guyana instead of staying in Aruba,” the CEO stated.
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    Insel Air Marketing Representative, Captain Gerry Gouveia (left), CEO Frederick Nuboer (third left) and officials with the winners
Meanwhile, acting Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali highlighted that with the thriving Tourism Sector in Guyana, Government is committed to marketing Guyana as a tourism destination and bringing more investments here to facilitate the linkages being built. The Minister noted that “modern tourists” are looking for a new tourism product apart from the “polluted cities” and “long stretches of white beach and blue water”.

“Most… modern day tourists are seeking a new product, a product that is rich in nature, a product that rekindle them with the beginning of the world, a product that is dynamic and versatile and for my dear friends at Insel Air, you have entered the right market. The right market that offers the right product, for the modern day tourists to meet their expectations,” Ali noted.

Improving package

The Minister added that they are looking at twinning the marketing strategies so that tourists can be able to experience the beaches and water as well as all the exciting opportunities available in eco-and adventure tourism.

Also speaking was Private Sector Commission Chairman Ramesh Persaud, who explained that with Insel Air coming here, it emphasises the confidence the airline has as an investor to partner with Guyana. Persaud stated that linking Guyana to Curacao and Aruba must be seen as more than just a convenient linkage to other transport networks globally.

“This transport linkage opens the door for Guyana to possibly benefit from the more than 1.5 million tourists that frequent the shores of Curacao and Aruba on an annual basis,” he noted, while mentioning the impact this will have on Guyana’s economy.

Roraima Airways Managing Director Gerry Gouveia underscored that air lift, and more broadly tourism, is important to Guyana and while persons are calling for more airlines, there needs to be people to fill the seats. On this note, he pointed out that those in the industry failed to understand the importance of marketing Guyana.

Gouveia stated that with major projects such as the Marriott Hotel and the Airport Expansion Project, Government will have to develop a huge marketing strategy to attract people to Guyana in order to fill that hotel and make use of the airport facilities.

“I think we are on the right track. Tonight its Insel Air, months down the road it will be Copa, very shortly after that there are two or three more airlines in the pipeline that are going to start flying to Guyana, but sustainability is what is important and they are not going to stay on this route if we don’t fill those seats,” he stated.

Gouveia added that Guyana and the airlines will have to collaborate to market the country in order to fill those seats. He continued that with tourism on a drive, it is the right time for airlines to capitalise on the rush.

“Insel Air, like Copa Airlines, coming to Guyana is opening up an entire new dispensation of travelling in Guyana. For many of years the bulk of our traffic continues to be to New York and Toronto,” Gouveia said.

The three winners are Zena Henry, who won a round trip to Miami; Abdul Hamid, a round trip to Curacao; and Melissa Pearson, a round trip to Aruba.

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