Please read before Posting a news article...

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Please read before Posting a news article...

Unread post by bimjim » Mon Oct 13, 2008

This Airline News Category is for news about specific airlines. If a news article refers substantially to more than one airline - if two (or more) are merging, for instance - please Post the same article to each airline's News Board here.

This can be more easily done by waiting for the completed article to appear after Posting, then click on the drop-down menu that starts with "Lock Topic", selecting "Copy Topic", click on the Go button, then select the appropriate category from the resulting drop-down menu and click on the Yes button.

The desired format is for the Subject Line to contain the article's headline, then in the body for the link to the article at the top, then the headline to be repeated again, then the body of the article - in full.

- Headline (only)

- Full link (URL) to original article


- Headline


- Full body of original article. Comments already on the original article's web page may optionally be included.


If your Post is a follow-up or in the same vein as the original, please just leave the same Subject and fill in only the Body as above.

And if your news Post is already quoted from other source/s, please add it anyway. The more sources quoting the same news, the more reliable the reports are likely to be - and the more details, aspects or background which the other/s may have left out.

Thanks much for your cooperation...



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