[TravelSpan] Airline customer seeks promised monetary refund

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[TravelSpan] Airline customer seeks promised monetary refund

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[TravelSpan] Airline customer seeks promised monetary refund
April 28, 2015

Almost a year after he was promised reimbursement of taxi monies, due to delayed flights, a Travel Span Airline customer is now seeking to receive promised monies from the airline.

The customer, who requested that his identity be withheld, claims that he bought a flight ticket to New York on June 24, 2014. He was scheduled to travel on August 9, 2014, however, when he showed up at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport to check in for his flight, he was informed that there was a flight cancellation until the following day.

Already paying $5,000 to travel to the airport, the man was forced to pay another $5,000 to return to the city; not something that he catered for.

Hoping that all was well, the man returned to the airport the next day, completed checking in and was waiting to board his flight when he was then told that the plane had developed some mechanical problems. The flight was once again cancelled. He claims that he spent $12,000 to and from the airport that day.

Finally the next day, August 11, 2014, the man returned to the airport and was able to successfully depart the shores of Guyana. He noted that he had to pay another $5,000 in taxi fare, bringing his taxi expense to a total of $27,000.

He explained that on several occasions, the latest being some two weeks ago, he was in constant contact with David Goberdhan, the representative of the airline who had assured him that on his return to Guyana he would be given back his money, but each attempt to retrieve his monies was futile.

“Every time I contact them they saying that they have not got a settlement from overseas, so they are unable to do the reimbursement.” The airline had ceased flying. There was no talk of the money deposited with a local commercial bank.

The man, who vowed to never travel onboard Travel Span Airlines ever again in the future, says that all he is asking is to be reimbursed with his monies, as it was the fault of the airlines delays that he used funds that were not initially catered for.

Attempts to reach the Travel Span representative who allegedly pledged the refund, has been futile.
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