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TravelSpan asks customers for forgiveness

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TravelSpan asks customers for forgiveness

Unread post by bimjim » Sun Aug 24, 2014

http://www.guyanatimesgy.com/2014/08/23 ... rgiveness/

TravelSpan asks customers for forgiveness
− after experiencing major mechanical problems
August 23, 2014

In light of the recent plight of TravelSpan, which forced the airline to cancel several flights, inconveniencing hundred of passengers, the airline is asking the travelling public for their forgiveness, as it resumes operations.

Chief Executive Officer of the airlines Nohar Singh stated that words of apologies alone will not suffice, especially since a lot of customers were looking for specific departure times, which it could not have given.

Singh added that he never expected Vision Airlines to experience extensive mechanicals, which resulted in such a horrible experience for approximately two weeks.

“What started as an engine failure on July 15, catapulted to extensive delays, especially when Vision’s second aircraft also experienced mechanical problem,” he said.

Singh went on to say that matters started to get worst when on one occasion an airport handler ran a loader into the cargo door and then bad weather with lightning strike affected the AC, causing further delays.

To assess the problem, the mechanics took close to three hours. In such an instant, if a spare part is required, and the part is at the JFK Airport, it will take at least two to four hours to make the arrangement to secure it.

“If the part is from a different state, then it can take at least 8-12 hours. Installation of the part can be another two hours, then an additional one hour for paperwork to be signed off, before the mechanics can declare the AC safe for operations.”

The CEO further explained that once the airline would have got the go- ahead, the official had to request permission from the terminal to seek approval for a departure slot, which can take up to an hour.

In addition, once a departure slot from the terminal was secured, approval had to be sought from US customs for landing rights slots for the return flight; hence, only then a departure time is posted.

TravelSpan is asking the travelling public for their forgiveness as it resumes operations again

TravelSpan is asking the travelling public for their forgiveness as it resumes operations again
During the abovementioned lapses, the airlines looked for an alternative aircraft which sometimes are not available due to the time.

“We at TravelSpan have put together a customer care package for each customer and is discussing with Vision Air to add a compensation portion from the airline. Once completed, we will be contacting each passenger that was affected by the extensive delays. In the meantime, we are processing refunds and out-of-pocket expenses such as taxi fares and hotel,” Singh said.

However, he admitted that there are areas they could have handled better during the delayed flights.
The CEO and the board remain committed to providing the best service to its customers, noting that the airline has completed over 70 flights, and with the exception of nine encountering mechanical problems, all the other flights were of great passenger satisfaction.

He recalled that from December 2013 to August 2014, over 15,000 passengers were flown from New York into Guyana with an estimated financial contribution of US$1500 by each passenger that spends monies while in Guyana.

The service also created employment for Guyanese citizens. More importantly, he added, the fares became more affordable.

Meanwhile, he thanked customers for their understanding as well as the handling companies, travel partners, airport staff and operators, his staff, management and flight attendants who have worked endless hours to ensure a full recover.

Singh reiterated that for the past 19 years, the company has maintained an excellent track record for service and consistency, noting that management and staff are committed to working and growing to improve in all areas to make it one of choice.

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