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[Guyana, NYC] TravelSpan passengers stranded

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[Guyana, NYC] TravelSpan passengers stranded

Unread post by bimjim » Tue Aug 12, 2014

http://www.stabroeknews.com/2014/news/s ... -stranded/

[Guyana, NYC] TravelSpan passengers stranded
AUGUST 11, 2014

Passengers of TravelSpan Airline are stranded in Guyana and complained that while the airline has said that it was a mechanical malfunction they have not been given alternative airline travel options or refunds.

“I am scheduled to return to work tomorrow and have been going to the airport since last week only to be sent back home because they are not even calling…they did not even give an option to use another airline or refund our money and are so rude,” one passenger told Stabroek News last evening.

The woman said that the last time she journeyed to the airport was on Saturday and only then was she told that the plane’s landing gear was broken but that no one knows when it will be fixed. TravelSpan leases its plane from Vision Air which is based in the USA.

Several efforts by Stabroek News to contact management of the airline proved futile. Calls to the mobile phone of the local office manager Vanita Jagnarain went unanswered. An email to Director of the Airline Rob Binns remained up to press time unanswered. When the United States number was called, a recording said “Kavita Samaroo is not available at the moment. At the tone please leave a message,”.

On the social media site Facebook several passengers have taken to voicing their frustration at the inconvenience.

“These (people) are so disgusting … I been thru a whole drama with them going to Timehri two days in a stretch waitin to travel and flight delayed. No communication until I call them they say they tried to call me,” one passenger posted.

“They need to do something about their unreliability it’s getting to my nerve, I had to let them know a business is not only for financial gain but customer satisfaction must be guaranteed,” she added.

Another passenger in New York wrote “I’m in NEW YORK can’t get home.”

Many of the passengers are fuming because they stated that they had scheduled times to return to work and airline cancellations were not an acceptable excuse for missing work.

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