[Trupi Air] A new aviation company for Curacao

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[Trupi Air] A new aviation company for Curacao

Unread post by bimjim » Mon Sep 09, 2013

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[Trupi Air] A new aviation company for Curacao
Mon, Sep 9th, 2013
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Recently it was announced that a new aviation company was being created in Curacao. The airline is in the process of requesting an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the Curacao Civil Aviation Authorities. One of the persons behind this new airline is the former Dutch Antilles Express management team member, Frank Weis.

The name of the airline will be Trupi Air, which is short for Trupial Airline (Trupial is a bird in Curacao). The airline wants to start with 8 new destinations in 2014 starting with Brussels in Belgium and Funchal in Madeira, Portugal. Other destinations are Steward, Fort Lauderdale, Caracas, San Jose and Valencia.

For Trupi Air to start flying to the U.S., Curacao will have to go back to category 1. As it is widely known, Curacao was downgraded to category 2 a few years ago by the Federal Aviation Administration which makes it impossible for Curacao to add more flights to the States. It can only operate the flights it had before the downgrade. A possibility is for the new airline to enter into a wet lease agreement with another company from the U.S. or from a category 1 company.

Several employees from the former Dutch Antilles Express have applied for a job at his new airline.

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