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WINAIR meets first St. Martin born Air force recruit

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WINAIR meets first St. Martin born Air force recruit

Unread post by bimjim » Sat Aug 13, 2016

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WINAIR meets first St. Martin born Air force recruit
12 Aug 2016
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Every now and then you meet an extra ordinary person and this Thursday July 28, 2016 WINAIR staff had the pleasure of meeting just such a person.

Gregory Toulen, born and raised in Agrement, St. Martin, is the first St. Martin born to have been accepted into the Air force of France after he successfully finished his BAC exams. Since 2013 Toulen is stationed at the Air force base in Orleans, France just south of Paris. Here Toulen is being trained as a licensed aviation mechanic, but also pursuing his dream to become a pilot.

WINAIR Captain Michael Jeffrey met Toulen as he is on St. Maarten on leave and was excited to hear Toulen hoped to work for WINAIR after his six year Air Force contract ends. Jeffrey invited Toulen to visit the WINAIR facilities this Thursday July 28 to experience the work environment for a day.

As exciting as working for the French Air Force is, Toulen does look forward to coming back home to his family and contributing to the further development of our Island. He explains; ‘The Air force has given me the opportunity to develop my skills and pursue my dreams, but ultimately it is family and home that is most important to me. Growing up here is not always easy and many of my peers do not realize their own potential. Most of us here are bi- or even tri- lingual, which is such a huge asset in almost any carrier option you would choose. So we should not so easily be discouraged in pursuing a dream, if you have the will to succeed, there will always be a way.’

Toulen always knew he wanted to be a pilot and he is focused and dedicated on reaching that goal. At his young age of 21, he is already an inspiration and example for his peers and all people of St. Maarten.

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