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Interested in a 2014 Caribbean Pilot Reunion ??

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2013
by bimjim
It has been suggested by one of the senior pilots from the Caribbean that all pilots from the Caribbean, whether they still fly from, to, or through the islands, or are far-flung to the four corners of the earth, should try to meet for a reunion of sorts at an all-inclusive resort somewhere in the region during the year 2014 - this is February 2013, so that would give everyone time to plan, make vacation bids and prepare for such an event.

So the item is open for discussion... more obvious issues would be most convenient month (even most convenient week), and location.

Perhaps we could entice a few of our number to come prepared to give a talk or lead a discussion, whether it be on how things have gone so far, how things are now, how things should be for the future - or all (or none) of the above.

Activities would need to be suggested and planned - especially for those who are not locals of mthe country where we end up, so that they can have a look at one of our other terrains closer iup than the usual 35,000 feet.

Of course there will be partners and children to be considered, and at some point we would need some volunteers to help get this all organised.

The place to make suggestions and offer services is HERE, and the time to do so is NOW!! :D

So let's hear from you... if you don't want to make a Post (and let's face it, very few of you want to) then send me an email or PM and, if it works out that way, I can Post it on your behalf - no problem.

Suggestions? Comments? Anyone?

Re: Interested in a 2014 Caribbean Pilot Reunion ??

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2013
by Wild Bill
Yes, I'd be all for it if I could get away from a nagging wife for a few days. I could tie her up, put her in the closet with enough food and water for a few days. Great idea! I may do it without waiting for the reunion. Yes, I'd attend but preferably not in St. Thomas. That place must be over-run by now. It was almost in 1983. I can't imagine what its like now...and don't mention the crime. Thank you for the idea. I'd like to meet all the old guys from the 80s period like my old boss Paul Wykander, his wife & kids and the guys who operated the DC-3 cargo flights out of St. Thomas. That and more. I'd also like to know if anyone ever worked for Paul for over the two years that I did.

Re: Interested in a 2014 Caribbean Pilot Reunion ??

Posted: Sun May 19, 2013
by salop1248
Count me in