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Aruba Airlines to be Banned from Air Traffic Services

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Aruba Airlines to be Banned from Air Traffic Services

Unread post by bimjim » Wed May 29, 2019

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Aruba Airlines to be Banned from Air Traffic Services
28 MAY 2019

Willemstad -Effective tomorrow, May 29 2019, the supply of Air Traffic Services to Aruba Airlines has been suspended. This becomes clear from a Aeronautical Information Service bulletin from the Dutch Caribbean Air Navigation Service Provider (DC-ANSP).

The suspension of services affects aircraft with the registration numbers P4AAA, P4AAC, P4AAD, P4AAE, P4AAH and CFXLH, or basically all aircraft operated by Aruba Airlines.

Although no details have been made public about the decision to suspend services to the Aruban carrier, this reportedly has to do with issues of non-payment by the airline for services provided.

The suspension of services would not be the first time for Aruba Airlines. In the past similar measures by DC-ANSP were in general quickly settled by the airline, but still led to some delays and cancellation of flights. The suspension of air traffic services basically means the airline cannot operate on flights between or over the islands, for as long as the suspension of services last.

Aruba Airlines has hit (financial) turbulence after being affected by the closure of the border between Venezuea and the ABC-islands. The carrier, for a large part, depends on travelers from Venezuela.

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