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Caricom Airlines intended to headquarter out of Belize, was put on hold this year. Enclosed is the photograph of the first ANGEL aircraft intended to start this internal CARICOM airline. This is an ANGEL taken at Central Farm airstrip for the Western Belize District on February 22nd at the Pilots Association, FLY-IN of Belize. With a 1700 mile range and seven passengers, or 1800 lbs of cargo capacity, this aircraft was intended to be the start up, and pioneering test bed, for building inter-CARICOM trade and economic endeavors.

Initially proposed by the AUXILLOU TOURIST GROUP of Belize, the first investors; the early attempt to get a subsidy from the Government of Belize to cover fuel costs between Jamaica and Belize as a weekly run, fell flat; when the Government of Belize deigned to even respond to overtures. The Government of Belize is heavily in debt and basically bankrupt through mismanagement of revenues. Sweetheart deals, political scams and other forms of high level corruption has failed to meet government operating costs, causing a debt ridden government. Alternatively last year, an offer was made to ALBA BANK out of CARACAS, VENEZUELA to come into the early formation of CARICOM AIRLINES with some start up investment capital. This offer was never received, the Venezuelan Embassy said, late last year in a meeting, mailed to them during the PUP regime, due it is suspected, to censorship and obstruction in the Post Office system. Later this year after new personal talks with the First Secretary of the Venezuelan Embassy, the application for investment participation was hand delivered to the Venezuelan Embassy at their request. Due to the recent oil price crash and shortages within Venezuela, to sustain the high cost consumption levels of that Caribbean population, no response has been experienced to such a formal request for investment participation. ( An offering of B CLASS preferred shares ) The First Secretary of the Venezuela Embassy had intended to attend the Belize Second ANNUAL FLY-IN on February 22nd. and confirmed by phone call this is so. The ANGEL AIRCRAFT was on hand here for his inspection. However, he failed to show up! We took photos and the pilot was on hand to give him an explanatory tour.

We presume therefore; that the idea of starting a START UP, bootstrap airline out of Belize, to join the myriad fourteen countries of CARICOM together economically and for greater involvement with each other, both for trade, tourism and bureaucracy travels has fallen flat? The AUXILLOU TOURIST GROUP are not interested in going into this venture undercapitalized.

This is of interest today, for current affairs studies, as the CARICOM ( new formation of the old British West Indian Confederation idea ) HEADS OF GOVERNMENTS, are meeting in the port town of Belize City, right now, with suitable pomp and circumstance, befitting the inflated egos of a bunch of lawyer politicians and upper level well paid bureaucrats.. We expect much rhetoric and bombast, but after fifty years of trying to form a West Indies Federation, or the successor called CARICOM, we expect nothing else from them. These CARICOM trips are basically tax payer paid travel trips with stop over’s in Miami for shopping. Without direct internal transportation there is no more future for CARICOM economically, than there was for the previous West Indies Federation. The majority of the CARICOM fourteen governments are debtor nations and always broke. Together, the fourteen island states only equal the market population of our neighbor in Belize, GUATEMALA, on our Western border by itself. Not even counting Southern Mexico markets, Salvador and Honduras. All of which are accessible by good roads ( at least outside of Belize ), air transportation and telecommunications. The CARICOM meeting today and tomorrow, is expected to deliver the usual BOMBAST about legal connections and foreign policy, but nothing useful, either for transportation link ideas to tie the fourteen countries together economically and for trade. Without any economic future and trade on the horizon, there is undoubtedly no future for CARICOM either? These people are just wasting tax payers, breath and money, the private sector producers feel.

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