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Sod turned for Jags Aviation’s US$3.5M Ogle airport hangar

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Sod turned for Jags Aviation’s US$3.5M Ogle airport hangar

Unread post by bimjim » Wed Aug 31, 2016

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Sod turned for Jags Aviation’s US$3.5M Ogle airport hangar
Aug 31, 2016

Following calls in 2015 from President David Granger for more investments in the aviation sector, Jags Aviation Incorporated yesterday unveiled plans for a new multi-aircraft facility at the Eugene F. Correia Airport at Ogle, East Coast Demerara.

This investment, worth approximately US$3.5M, is expected to serve and maintain aircraft with a particular transit route with the hinterland.

Turning the sod at the event was Minister of State Joseph Harmon. Neither Minister of Public Infrastructure, with responsibility for aviation David Patterson, nor the Minister within the Ministry, Annette Ferguson, was present at the event.

Describing it as in keeping with Government’s vision for improved air service delivery to the hinterland, Harmon lauded Jags Aviation Inc. The company, which was launched in 2014 by BK International Group of Companies, is owned by businessman Brian Tiwarie.

“This airport has seen much progress,” Harmon said. “Only recently the name Eugene F. Correia was unveiled. We have seen a lot of development taking place here at (Eugene F. Correia). And it is in keeping with President Granger’s commitment to ensure that we have a quality service provided to our hinterland.”
He noted that the number of landings and take-offs from the airport can attest to this.

“But this development is going to improve the quality of (service). And if we can provide the quality of service to the hinterland, Guyana will develop and develop rapidly.”

Director of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Larry London, also described the investment as an indicator of confidence in the aviation sector.

Tiwarie, in comments after the ceremony, also indicated that he had no desire to compete with other operators. According to Tiwarie, he believes he could “give a big input into the aviation sector.”

“We are buying aircraft totally different from the rest of the operators. And that is costing us much more, because we have to train people more. Just last week we had two (trainers) from Poland.”

Meanwhile consultant Bobby Vieira, who spoke on behalf of Tiwarie, provided assurances that small operators will be offered space under the hangar when it is built. He noted that Jag’s was also once rescued by the GuySuCo hangar.

Jag’s Aviation is currently housed in the Guyana Sugar Corporation’s (GuySuCo) hangar. It largely provides domestic services to interior locations. The company currently has five aircrafts, with a proposal before cabinet to have more aircrafts approved.

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