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BK Group entering aviation sector

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BK Group entering aviation sector

Unread post by bimjim » Mon Jul 21, 2014

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BK Group entering aviation sector
– as Ali reiterates need for airport expansion
July 21, 2014

After years of dominating the mining and construction sectors, the BK Group of Companies is expanding its services in an area out of their comfort zone, the aviation sector, and will be introducing a new domestic airline.

BK Group of Companies Public Relations Consultant Alex Graham said the local aviation sector has been busy, particularly with heavy traffic in the domestic flights; hence, the reason for the investment.

He disclosed that over the past two weeks, the company acquired ownership of a domestic company, Jags Aviation, and is currently processing the necessary documents to begin flights.

The new company is expected to have seven aircraft in its fleet, some of which will operate from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) because of their size.

The company will commence operations by providing domestic services, but will move to include regional flights.

“Once people want to fly, we will fly them. The whole idea is to provide expanded capacity… a lot of our interest is expanding infrastructure to explore Guyana so we want to provide services to people who are visiting Guyana to see its tourism products,” Graham stated.

The PR Consultant went on to say that the new company is mostly driven by the new generation of Tiwaries who have joined the BK Group, and have considerably enhanced its operations.

“The new generation has brought an energy of dynamism. For a long time, we have stayed in construction, now we have been able to convince the Directors to expand so this is just a careful examination of what the opportunities are and what the company’s resources are, and aligning our resources with those opportunities so that we will provide better service and grow the company,” he explained.

While Graham declined to say how soon the company will commence operations, he reiterated that efforts are being made to get it into operation.
Investors’ confidence

Meanwhile, acting Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali lauded the BK Group for investing in the local aviation sector. He noted that the investment shows investors’ confidence in the local market. The Minister noted that Government is working to continue improving the aviation sector and is calling on businesses to do the same.

Ali also pointed out that his Ministry has observed an unwelcome increase in fares and has spoken to some of the airlines. He pledged his full support to models that have economic returns and ensures profitability, but said he will not support one that seeks to exploit the market, especially at a time when demand is high and capacity is low.

Nevertheless, the acting Tourism Minister said that there has been a tremendous development in Guyana’s airlift sector, adding that the travelling population is growing; hence, the need for more airlines to work the local scene.

He explained that while Government welcomes such development and wants to see more, their hands are tied since they are experiencing difficulties with space at the CJIA.

“Our ability to manage effectively and efficiently and with less hassle as possible the movement of people and the movement of bags and luggage and safety and security is as a result of our inability to expand the airport and this is because of the Opposition’s continued nonsensical position in not supporting the expansion of this airport,” Ali vented.

The acting Tourism Minister opined that expansion of the airport is no longer a question of whether it should be done, since it is one of the most important projects for the country.

He added that Guyana’s aviation sector would not grow without the expansion of its main airport to facilitate all the new airlines that have joined the market and those planning to join.

Ali called on the Opposition to fulfil their moral, national and ethical responsibilities to ensure that the project is carried out. The acting Tourism Minister said he would go to whatever lengths it takes to ensure that the project is done

The Minister went on to say that most of the major carriers are changing their equipment to operate on larger facilities; hence, they would not want to land on the present facility.

“Get it out of your head; get it out of the Opposition’s head. Unless we are able to expand that airstrip and expand that facility we have, we are going to stagnate the sector…. I have no apologies in saying that the hassle passengers are facing, lining up in the sun is a direct result of some nonsensical, non-thinking persons in the political landscape in our country, who do not have the interest of the country at heart,” Ali stated.

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