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[Letter] What’s with our Fly Jamaica refund

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019
by bimjim ... ca-refund/

[Letter] What’s with our Fly Jamaica refund
Feb 01, 2019

Dear Editor,

Please be kind enough to enquire on behalf of passengers affected by cancellation of flights by Fly Jamaica, when their refund will be payable.

Two months has elapsed since my cancellation from New York to Guyana and nothing is being heard of from Fly Jamaica; E/Mails – no reply, phone calls on 222-0227, answered by recording, put on Fly Jamaica music, leave you with that for about ten minutes, then phone disconnected. I visited the office, the attendant said that refund is processing, will call you when completed.

The fact is that many of us borrowed money from relatives to return and have to repay that debt. How can we do so without the refund from Fly Jamaica?

I request that you use the power vested by the media to enquire from the top officials from Fly Jamaica about our refund and alternatively affected passengers.

Yours respectfully