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[FlyJamaica] 'Airline should refund fares, compensate passengers

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[FlyJamaica] 'Airline should refund fares, compensate passengers

Unread post by bimjim » Thu Nov 15, 2018

http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/-ai ... ofile=1373

[FlyJamaica] 'Airline should refund fares, compensate passengers for ordeal'
14 November, 2018


Observer online readers have weighed in on yesterday's front page story, Stranded, empathising with Jamaicans who have been unable to return home since the crash-landing of a Fly Jamaica Airways carrier in Guyana last Friday, and who were up to yesterday still unaware of when they will be able to return to the island. Here are a few of the readers' edited comments:

Antwain Clarke

Wow. That's really bad. The airline should not only refund the fares and compensate the passengers for their ordeal, but pay for any extra lodging and airfares for flights so they can leave immediately. No reason the passengers should be stranded... because of airline issues.

Jim Kelly

This is not the first, second or third time the airline stranded passengers. In this particular instance, the passengers in my opinion made a bad choice. The airline does not partner with other airlines in the event of incidentals, so when passengers are stuck, they are really stuck.


First of all, I am grateful that this accident was not worse and that all survived. However, I am at a loss as to why an airline does not have a solid back-up contingency plan in the event of such circumstances. If I book a flight with an airline, the first thing that comes to mind is “Do they have more than one or two aircraft?” As much as I like to patronise a national airline, I am sorry but I am going with one that has an extensive fleet because in the past, this has worked out well for me. The flight I was scheduled on had snow/ice on its wings and a non-functioning toilet before leaving the gate. We waited for just about three hours for another plane from the same company to come to the rescue and we were on our way.

Chapter 1

Jamaica's aviation authority must think future. Jamaica's aviation reputation will be tarnished should worst come to worst. I don't think it is right for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to suffer from this poor and ill-advised idea to attach the country's name to smaddy toy. What if a group within their generation decides to relaunch Air Jamaica, an airline with a superb aviation record, will there be an untarnished aviation résumé to work with? Nuh think soh with this Fly Jamaica.

We heard of ship registry Panama, Bahamas and Liberia. We now have plane registry, Jamaica.


Get your facts before you comment.. both Fly Jamaica aircraft are registered in the US...2nd Jamaica's aviation safety record remains untarnished with one major incident, and that was the American Airlines aircraft that overshot the runway in 2009 December.

The Saint

This is the disadvantage of flying with a small airline. When they have very few aircraft, as soon as there is an issue all are affected. Take a simple mechanical problem, they do not have another plane sitting idle to replace the defected one. Very unfortunate but it is reality.


That airline is sullying the name of Jamaica... The major shareholders being Guyanese, that would be the most appropriate name for their carrier to fly.

I wonder if the Jamaican authorities can challenge the owners on this matter?

new york

This is a no-good airline from day one, the catch is you bring your two pieces of luggage for free and your hand luggage, but they always delay... plus you arrive home without your luggage you have to go back to the airport next two to three days to get luggage...


I feeling it for my stranded brothers and sisters there. Good health and strength to them.

What we can do to help them overcome this challenge? First, let's reach out to make sure that their accommodations are sufficient, let's ensure that they are healthy. Next, let's ensure that worried children and other loved ones are okay.

The big question now. How can we get them home ASAP?

Finally, this airline, the Jamaican and Guyanese Government, have some questions to answer. Accountability people, accountability. Without same we are going nowhere.

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