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Fly Jamaica Crewmember Arrested With $160,000 of Cocaine

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Fly Jamaica Crewmember Arrested With $160,000 of Cocaine

Unread post by bimjim » Wed Mar 21, 2018

https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/F ... 45813.html

Fly Jamaica Crewmember Arrested With $160,000 of Cocaine Taped to His Legs
21 March, 2018

A Fly Jamaica Airways crewmember allegedly brought an extra passenger with him to New York last week -- $160,000 worth of cocaine taped to his legs.

Hugh Hall arrived at JFK on March 17 on a flight from Montego Bay and presented for inspection, Customs and Border Protection said in a statement.

He was taken to a private room, where officers found four packages of white powder taped to his legs. The packages, nine pounds in total, later tested positive for cocaine.

Hall was arrested for importation of a controlled substance.

Customs described Hall only as a "crewmember," but his precise role was not immediately clear. A photo released by CBP showed Hall in what appeared to be a flight crew uniform, however.

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