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[Guyana] Battle erupts over Art Williams, Harry Wendt School

Located at Ogle Airport, Guyana
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[Guyana] Battle erupts over Art Williams, Harry Wendt School

Unread post by bimjim » Sun May 01, 2016

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[Guyana] Battle erupts over Art Williams and Harry Wendt Engineering School
May 1, 2016

A war has erupted at the Aircraft Owners Association of Guyana (AOAG) over a recent decision to transfer a not-for-profit engineering school there and to convert it into a company.

At least two disgruntled members of AOAG are preparing to mount a legal challenge, claiming the Art Williams and Harry Wendt Engineering School has been hijacked by the association.

Even though it is owned and run by that association whose address is at Ogle International Airport for the past twenty years, it was only recently that the disgruntled members discovered a 2010 document where the address of the school was the residential address of Anthony Mekdeci. Mekdeci is listed as the sole director and is also the Chief Executive Officer of Ogle Airport.

The school, located at Ogle International Airport, fell into trouble with the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), which recently assessed it as a for-profit company, subject to the payment of Corporation Tax.

According to the disgruntled members, a decision was then taken by a faction of the association comprised of members who did not own nor operate aircraft to separate the school from the association and operate it as a company.

Earlier this month, it was renamed Art Williams and Harry Wendt Aeronautical Engineeering School Inc. with three directors —- Michael O. Correia, Malcolm Chan-A-Sue and Anthony A. Mekdeci.

On April 25, the aircraft association held a meeting to discuss the new company but members were not too happy about the timing of that meeting claiming that it breached the notice rules.

A lawyer’s letter issued by Sievewright, Stoby and Company on behalf of Roraima Airways Inc., Wings Aviation and Air Services Limited, warned that the aircraft owners were only given a week’s notice which was inadequate.

The letter warned that any attempt to remove the school from the association’s asset would be a grave prejudice.

It urged that the association postponed the meeting which was being held on Monday last.

However, despite the letter being delivered, the association went ahead and held the meeting and decided on the flight school being removed.

The lawyer’s letter had warned of legal proceedings if this should happen.

According to two of the disgruntled and aggrieved members, it was shocking to see that the school, which belongs to the AOAG and which was run under the Presidency of Michael Correia and his associates, Anthony Mekdeci and Captain Malcolm Chan-A-Sue, and who should be blamed therefore for the GRA problems in the first place, would nevertheless go ahead and incorporate a company with themselves being the sole directors.

The disgruntled members said that some of them were even written to after last Monday’s meeting by President of the AOAG, Michael Correia, who disclosed that the association has decided that based on the corporate taxes owed to GRA that the school had a value of $16.1M and that under its new structure as a company it will be offering $18M of shares.

The three disgruntled members made it clear that they were not part of the decision to change the school from a not-for-profit entity to a company.

“This school has been around for over twenty years and was always part of the Aircraft Owners Association of Guyana,” an official from the disgruntled members said.

This association was formed in 1995 by owners of aircraft alone, but this was changed over the years with Correia left in charge.

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