EZjet making big strides refunding passenger’s money – Rasul

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EZjet making big strides refunding passenger’s money – Rasul

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EZjet making big strides in refunding passenger’s money – Rasul
Lakhram Bhagirat
December 4, 2012

EZjet Air’s refunding process is three quarter completed with the failed airline being able to tap into the security bond lodged with the government prior to the commencement of its operations here, according to acting Chief Executive Officer Rosalinda Rasul.

“As to where we are in the refunding process, I haven’t been able to speak with the staff and get the final figures, but I would say that we are about three quarter way completed, which is a good thing,” she said. “… our intention is to complete the refunding process as quickly as we could so we can move on with the operations,” she added.

EZjet acting CEO Rosalinda Rasul

Rasul explained that they are refunding per reservation rather than per passenger, because on a reservation, there may be several passengers. She noted that the Guyana office has over 500 reservations to be refunded.

She noted that Canada’s refunding process is being monitored by the Transport Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) and refunds are expected to begin sometime during the course of this week.

“… unfortunately, there is no one in the New York office and the travel agents there have been mainly refunding passengers. My understanding is that quite a lot of passengers have been refunded their money through their agents. So that would be the agents refunding monies that they themselves did not remit to the airline,” she said.

However, she indicated that passengers who were paid directly to the airline in New York will be assisted as soon as they complete the process for Guyanese passengers. “After the refunding process, I am hoping that we can hear from the owner and some other officials in the U.S. to decide the future of EZjet… my last communication with them is that they have plans to restart the airline, but we haven’t been talking too much of that at this time,” she added.

When asked about passengers being refunded half of their money and not their full amount, she explained that prior to the refunding process, they went through the reservations and every passenger reservation was pulled up and carefully checked to determine if they used their ticket. She further explained that if the passenger used “one leg” of their ticket, then they were entitled to half of the refund, and if they did not use the ticket, they received all their monies.

“In cases where there was some controversy whether the passenger flew or not, we would have gone back to the manifest to double check,” she added. “There are no connections… between the lawsuit and the airline. The problems with EZjet have to do with bad management and that bad management led some financial problem,” she said.

Blame game

The airline went out of operation early November after a payment dispute with its charter company Swift Air, which said EZjet owed it money. However, the airline continues to deny it owes Swift Air any money, and said rather the charter company owes it money since passengers were left stranded by the company. The airline had explained that the suspension of its service came after Swift Air took off from Port of Spain, Trinidad, on November 7, leaving passengers stranded. The airline alleges that Swift Air also forced it to cancel flights on November 2 and 3 after the charter company abandoned passengers at the John F Kennedy Airport, New York, and took another job flying the Boston Celtics while inconveniencing EZjet’s passengers.

“While Swift Air claims it has not been paid, EZjet believes Swift Air owes EZjet over US$800,000+ relating to various charges, including using substitute aircraft when theirs was damaged, ground services, hotel stays for passengers, food and other amenities during delays cause by them,” EZjet alleged.

The United States Department of Transportation suspended EZjet’s U.S. licence on the request of Swift Air; its licences to operate in Guyana and Canada were later cancelled by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority and Toronto Transportation Board respectively.

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