Gov’t refutes claims Ezjet’s management

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Gov’t refutes claims Ezjet’s management

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Gov’t refutes claims Ezjet’s management
Fri, Nov 16th, 2012

Government has refuted claims by Ezjet’s management that it did not fully support the airline’s efforts to provide Guyanese with low airfares.

Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon says the administration was treated unfairly with regard to the casting of blame for Ezjet’s collapse.
  • “The criticism of Ezjet should be laid at the feet of this administration because indeed the administration has been responsive to first and foremost, Guyanese and expectation to reasonable fares and access to the airwaves, to go further and engage in specific interventions, with the aim of distorting the market, one had to be careful in drawing a nine” Dr Luncheon added.
Dr. Luncheon said Ezjet was licensed to operate in other locations than Guyana, so its demise must be treated as a collective failure of all regulators.
He said Ezjet was soliciting Government support in an uneven way from the other players in the sector.

Dr Luncheon noted that while Government is disappointed with Ezjet’s collapse, it understands that the airline’s challenges were unique.
A Caribbean airline has since taken on a significant role in offering relief to affected passengers.
  • “In offering relief to the affected Ezjet passengers, ticket price control and monitoring, additional flights and timely interventions are all undertaking and are being introduce into the sector by Caribbean airlines” Dr Luncheon also added.
Meanwhile, a task force which includes Tourism, Industry and Commerce Minister Irfaan Ali and Transport and Hydraulics Minister, Robeson was set up to observe the situation as it evolves and will present to the Cabinet, additional interventions that are justifiable for Government to support.

Dr Luncheon did not state whether government will in the future offer any direct financial support.

He said it would be fair for Ezjet and the public to recognize the support that the administration has given to the airline so far, in keeping with similar efforts made in other jurisdictions.

The Cabinet Secretary pointed out that Ezjet must be congratulated since the recent wave of low cost airfares to foreign destinations was directly attributed to the entry of the airline.

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