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About the airline...

Unread post by bimjim » Sat May 28, 2011

About us

Thus some time ago, Alejandro Muyale (Whose family owned business has been performing "Ground Handling Services" at Aruba Airport for over 38 years and for more than 10 years at the Curacao Airport) fulfilled his dream of applying for certification with the Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba for operating an airline.

The aircraft, a 36 seater Shorts 3-60-200 and afterwards a second and then a third aircraft was introduced into the company. Alejandro Muyale, the director, named the airline after his daughter Tiara Muyale. The word "tiara" is derived from Latin, meaning "crown".

Tiara Air welcomes you to fly with us to and from Aruba to destinations Curacao, Bonaire, Riohacha Colombia & Punto Fijo Venezuela.

We fly daily to Curacao, Colombia( Riohahcha) & Venezuela (Punto Fijo) and we have scheduled flights to Bonaire (for detailed information on the flights you can consult this website, a Tiara office near you or your favorite Travel Agency). Tiara Air is happy to announce that it will soon be adding new destinations to its regular routes and consequently the market will dictate future developments.

Alejandro Muyale has surrounded himself with a team of well experienced aviation people which consist of:

Alejandro Muyale
- Owner, President & Accountable Manager

Mark Hoveling
- Director of Finance (RA)

Hubert Zievinger
- Quality Assusrance Manager

Camilo Muyale
- Commercial, Sales and Marketing Director

Aureliano Wever
- Director Flight Operations & Crew Training Manager

Christopher Harness
- Director of Maintenance

Max Figueira
- Ground Operations Manager

The theme of the airline is "On time, accommodating and sympatico" showing some bright sunny Caribbean colors with Cabin attendants dressed in yellow and blue. Always with a friendly smile and yes indeed, we have cabin attendants.

Bon Bini....


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