Tiara Air’s Air Operator’s Certificate suspended again

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Tiara Air’s Air Operator’s Certificate suspended again

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Tiara Air’s Air Operator’s Certificate suspended again
Sunday, 11 May 2014


The Directorate of Aviation has suspended Tiara Air’s Air Operator’s Certificate again because the company isn’t complying with the safety requirements. Minister of Transport, Otmar Oduber, was informed accordingly last Tuesday. According to him, owner Alejandro Muyale is doing everything to keep the aircrafts flying it’s becoming more and more difficult.

Oduber explained that Aruba observes strict requirements for airline companies, as determined by the Federal Aviation Administration. Companies receive an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) if they comply with the rating. Tiara’s AOC has been suspended, but not withdrawn, the minister emphasized. Late March the Directorate of Aviation had suspended Tiara’s AOC also for safety reasons. Muyale first had to prove that he still had people holding certain top positions to fly aircrafts. The suspension was lifted after he proved this by producing employment contracts. According to Oduber, this second suspension is also related to personnel and Tiara is to prove it can deploy sufficient crewmembers and maintenance staff to fly a Boeing.

The Aruban airline company was given suspension of payment and owner Alejandro Muyale is working hard to reorganize the company and find investors. According to Oduber, several days before the suspension of the AOC, Muyale had flown to Venezuela again to discuss the $25.8 million still owed to the company by Venezuelan foreign exchange bureau Cadivi, but the authorities are holding back the payment. However, the minister thinks the chances of this money being paid are slim, with Tiara’s bankruptcy close at hand. The Amigoe tried to get a response from Muyale but didn’t succeed before the newspaper went to press.

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