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Web site: http://www.airawak.com/
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Corporate information...

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Contact us

Email: info@airawak.com

Phone: 05 96 51 66 88
Fax: 05 96 51 33 03

(From abroad:)

Phone: + 596 596 51 66 88
Fax: + 596 596 51 33 03

Mailing address:

Compagnie aérienne de la Société ATIS
Zone Aviation Générale
Aéroport Martinique A. Césaire
Martinique - French West Indies



The "Air Tourisme Instruction Service" (ATIS) company starts up as a flying school and an aircraft maintenance shop, and quickly becomes a major player in the training of student pilots in Martinique.

Thanks to its customers confidence, the request for an air transport service becomes increasingly strong and leads to the creation of the Airawak airline, using a fleet of twin-engine aircraft for on-demand flight operations between the islands of the Caribbean.

Following the evolution of aviation safety standards, ATIS expands its maintenance department for its own fleet and the one of the flying clubs of Martinique. ATIS shows its commitment to meet growing demand and European safety regulations (EASA) by building a maintenance workshop of over 4300 ft² and hiring two additional engineers.

Given the increase in traffic and to continue providing the quality service that has made its reputation, ATIS decides to discontinue its flying school activity to focus only on air transport and maintenance operations.

In order to improve its availability, Airawak adds a third aircraft to its fleet: the BN2 A21 F-OTAG.


Our vision

The team of ATIS is primarily a team of professionals and aviation enthusiasts and we believe that a human-scaled airline operating with full autonomy is better able to meet the challenges of a local airline: low passenger flow, high operating costs (due to insularity and tropical climate), external constraints.

We built our reputation primarily on 'word of mouth', this is why we always make our best to meet our customers expectations for safety, on-time operations, efficiency, fare prices... and we do not intend to go back on our principles!

Our fleet

2 x Britten-Norman BN2 'Islander'
1 x Cessna 402 B 'Businessliner'

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