[TSA] House passes bill to alleviate security gridlock

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[TSA] House passes bill to alleviate security gridlock

Unread post by bimjim » Wed Jun 08, 2016

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[TSA] House passes bill designed to alleviate airport security gridlock
Johanna Jainchill
June 07, 2016

The U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday unanimously passed a bill aimed at reducing wait times at Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport security checkpoints.

The Checkpoint Optimization and Efficiency Act of 2016, introduced by Rep. John Katko, (R-N.Y.), requires the TSA to maintain minimum staffing numbers agreed upon with airlines and airports; gives the TSA the flexibility to reallocate its staff to speed up passenger screening efforts; and will send canine team assets to high volume airports and checkpoints, among other provisions.

U.S. Travel Association CEO Roger Dow said the legislation "takes a smart, common-sense approach to reducing airport security wait times by ensuring that all TSA checkpoints are properly staffed," specifically commending measures requiring the TSA to share its staffing models with airports and airlines, and allowing the agency to assign personnel to non-security functions.

"There is evidence that the initial scare over untenable security wait times generated mass corrective action, and that the situation has already improved thanks to modifications by the TSA and travelers adjusting their own behavior," Dow stated. "But it's critical that we not find ourselves in that situation again."

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