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LIAT, REDjet and CAL – Who Will Pay The Price?

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LIAT, REDjet and CAL – Who Will Pay The Price?

Unread post by bimjim » Thu Dec 15, 2011

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LIAT, REDjet and Caribbean Airlines – Who Will Pay The Price?
December 14, 2011

It has just been told to me that Barbados Civil Aviation Authority granted permission for Caribbean Airlines to fly the Barbados/Guyana and Barbados/St Lucia routes – two of the most profitable routes for LIAT (in which Barbados is the majority shareholder). This is after giving REDjet the same license. The Barbados Government now wants to catspraddle LIAT which we got our taxpayers money invested in???? Is this a bargaining chip for a fishing agreement with Trinidad? Where is the Minister responsible for International Transport? We really need an answer on this one…

The region is too small for 3 airlines to be flying these routes!!!! Or is this a response to the strikes at LIAT. .All the same, I see a loss for the taxpayers of Barbados in LIAT

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