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[Barbados] Support from Opposition for Civil Aviation Bill

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[Barbados] Support from Opposition for Civil Aviation Bill

Unread post by bimjim » Tue Dec 06, 2011

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[Barbados] Support from the Opposition for Civil Aviation Bill

The Opposition Barbados Labour Party has thrown its support behind the proposed amendments to the Civil Aviation Bill.

Making his contribution to the debate on the Civil Aviation (Amendment) Bill in the House of Assembly yesterday morning, Member of Parliament for St. Joseph, Dale Marshall said that the work on the Caribbean Aviation Safety and Security Oversight System (CASSOS), which has necessitated the change to the legislation, started under the previous Barbados Labour Party administration.

“We now, as we did then, continue fervently to support the notion of a regional body to deal with aircraft standards and so on in the interest of protecting Caribbean nationals and Barbadian citizens in particular, as they fly these skies,” he said.
“From the outset Sir, let me say that the Opposition continues to support this particular regional mechanism to try to ensure that our travellers are safe,” he continued.

That aside, Marshall raised a few questions that he would wish the Minister of International Business and Internal Transport, George Hutson, to address. He said that as the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) will contribute to the fund as a single state, he is querying what the initial budget of CASSOS is, and what are the requirements for individual Caribbean governments at this time.

“I believe that the Minister would have been the first person, or would be one of the first individuals to concede that we are having a terrible financial time in Barbados, but equally across the rest of the Caribbean. We know that we cannot skimp when it comes to regulating air services, so I would be very interested to know Sir, if the Honourable Minister would share with this chamber, greater details on the funding for CASSOS,” he added.

Meanwhile, making reference to the Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS), which he noted has been faced with difficulties in relation to claims of fraud, Marshall has also queried what prudential standards are being implemented to protect Barbados’ investment in CASSOS.

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