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POLL: How do you feel re: CAL as the regional carrier now?

Posted: Tue Dec 14, 2010
by bimjim
POLL: How do you feel about Caribbean Airlines being the regional carrier now?

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Re: POLL: How do you feel re: CAL as the regional carrier now?

Posted: Tue Dec 14, 2010
by islandflyer
Maybe a little clarity is needed - what do you mean? That CAL is better poised to be the regional carrier? Better funded to be the regional carrier? Better managed? Better equipped?

Re: POLL: How do you feel re: CAL as the regional carrier now?

Posted: Tue Dec 14, 2010
by bimjim
King Patrick's mandate to CAL was to start buying up and taking over the larger scheduled airlines in the region - and that extended from the coast of Florida to Guyana.

So, in light of the "imbroglio" circus of apparently drooling idiot clowns in Trinidad over a mere speck of personal power and macho-ness, here's the question: How do you feel about having to rely on Caribbean Airlines being your regional carrier now?

YES - I still support King Patrick's mandate 100%
However egomaniacal and impossible King Patrick's dream may have been, I believe with all my heart that 100% T&T/CAL ownership of my regional and national travel is the only realistic and economical way to go, and the taxpayers and other people of T&T will relish the power and control they have over the other islands.

MAYBE YES - Not impressed, but T&T can still afford it
Ehhh. The circus will eventually come to an end, and we can all sail along on T&T's financial coat-tails. And if it the whole thing goes bankrupt, T&T can afford to pay the bill - at least it's not coming out of my local taxes (it had better damn well NOT!!!). Let Queen Kamla, her successors, and the taxpayers of T&T deal with it.

UNDECIDED - No real preference either way
Ya, I'm a typical West Indian - I don't really care. When I want to travel I'll look at the first fare that comes along from my travel agency, I'll be late for check-in and then for the flight anyway - after all, I will have to get lickered up for the trip, and all that takes time! Ahhhh, maybe I'll take a boat across, or maybe I'll cancel my plans the day before, I really can't be bothered, really. Hmmm, I'm getting a headache from all this thinking, now, I believe I'll have another rum... or two. Go away.

MAYBE NO - Not happy, I think regionals should reconsider
The bacchanal going on in Trinidad suggests that they can't even run their own affairs over the long term in a planned, organised and predictable manner, and it's unlikely they would be able to provide us with a planned, organised and predictable air service that we can be proud of and depend on. I think our politicians should take another long hard look at what is being proposed by T&T/CAL before they commit all of us to potential disaster. And really, can T&T afford to buy all of our individual airline assets, or are we supposed to hand them over for free?

NO - No way that pappy show can perform on our behalf
Come on, I'm smarter than that, and I hope my politicians are, too. BWIA/CAL/Trinidad have a long and solid history of abusing the other islands - their own sister island Tobago included - and it is also a logistical impossibility that CAL will be able to take over fully as the regional airline and provide a better level of service over more than 2,000 miles and hundreds of islands and countries than the islands are providing for themselves right now - without raising fares or coming to the islands with demands for background financial support (a la American Airlines). And paying CAL ANY financial support for service will not only set a regional precedent but also bring us right back to where we are right now... except without the current local control. Not to mention the inevitable disorganisation and political interference from Port-Of-Spain.